Chance meeting in Mexico

November, 9, 2007

Even in Mexico, Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon can't get away from each other.

The two men contending for the Nextel Cup title were shocked when they ended up in the same Mexican bar while taking a mini-vacation.

Johnson and his wife, Chandra, left Texas Motor Speedway Sunday night and flew to Acapulco. They wanted to take three days and get away from the racing world and the pressure of the Championship Chase.

But Johnson couldn't escape his teammate and Chase rival.

"We were sitting in this little beach bar off the beaten path and having a fun lunch," Johnson said. "I look up and in the door walks Ingrid and Jeff. I couldn't believe it. What are the chances we run into each other in this little beach bar in Mexico? It was pretty funny."

Gordon and Ingrid got married in Mexico one year ago before the Phoenix race, so they wanted to return to Mexico for their one-year anniversary.

Gordon was coy about where he was going this week. He said at Texas last weekend that he planned to get away, but wanted to keep his location a secret.

One of the few people who knew Gordon was going to Mexico was Johnson, but he didn't know where in Mexico until the Gordons walked in the bar and ordered a margarita.

"It was crazy, but fun," Gordon said. "We just agreed not to talk about racing."

It's a small world, even when you try to get away from your friend and the man you're trying to beat for a championship.

Terry Blount

ESPN Staff Writer



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