Biffle turns attention to upcoming races

Greg Biffle will be talking to "NASCAR Now" producer Jeff Ross after each race of the Chase this season. This the first installment of Biffle's view of the Chase for the Sprint Cup.

Jeff Ross: On the first yellow flag, most teams took two tires instead of four, was that the right thing to do early on?

Greg Biffle: Yeah, I think so … really there wasn't enough laps on the tires … everyone wants to keep track position … everyone's trying to gain … you know the guys behind you are going to take two [tires] to try to gain track position, so I think taking two was probably the right call there.

JR: Early on you seemed to find yourself battling with other Chasers, notably Kyle Busch and Jimmie Johnson. Is there a difference racing around fellow Chasers?

GB: It doesn't really matter … I mean, I guess you know you're racing them for position but the same holds true for everyone … you're always fighting for position … you're aware, I think that you're racing around the Chase guys but it really doesn't make that much of a difference.

JR: On the first green-flag stop, what adjustments did you ask for and what adjustments did you make?

GB: Our car started out a little loose and it stayed loose for the better part of the race, then at the end of the tire run it got real tight. So what we decided to do was just leave it [alone] basically … I think [crew chief Greg] Irwin made an air pressure adjustment but we pretty much didn't do many adjustments [then].

JR: Toward the middle of the race -- when you started slipping back -- did you change your goals for the race at all?

GB: We're trying to get the best finish we can throughout the race, but basically what I did when I started sliding back there was I was just thinking about what I needed to adjust on my car to get back to the front -- that's basically where I was coming from. You know, I was like, "What can I do?"

I was really trying to analyze the corner and the car to figure out exactly what I needed to do to get it to go for the end of the race.

JR: Greg Irwin said earlier in the week that this was a swing race for you guys, that it could go either way and there were four of five tracks coming up that you guys could win at. Did Sunday's finish change your way of thinking going forward in the Chase?

GB: Not really … we have a little bit more to make up now -- we felt we could make a top-10 here no problem and we probably would have if possibly I'd have stayed out instead of taking four [tires] with 60 [laps] to go.

You know we were running around 13th or somewhere in there … I'm not sure. We came for four because we were thinking a lot more guys behind us would come … so that would have put us pretty close to the top 10 and that would have been a good finish for us, but unfortunately we ended up 17th. We're still trying to win every race. We're gonna go to Dover and try to win there … then Kansas and California … those are tracks we know we can win at.