Biffle rues another bad day

Editor's note: Greg Biffle is talking to "NASCAR Now" producer Jeff Ross after each race of the Chase this season. In this, his second installment, he talks about his bad week at Dover that has him eyeing a recovery starting at Kansas -- but is his shot at the Sprint Cup championship slipping away?

Jeff Ross: Tell us about that adventure getting caught on pit road when the 17 [teammate Matt Kenseth] missed the commitment cone and brought out the yellow … what was going on?

Greg Biffle: Well, the 17 skidded his tire and blew out the left front … when that happens, debris and wheel wells and everything flies off the fenders and everything and unfortunately the caution came out for the debris and we had just pitted, so that sucks 'cause it traps you.

… We went from being on the lead lap to two laps down, so that just ruined our day right there. Our day was pretty much over after that. We had a fast enough car to run in the top 10, but that was about it.

JR: Why were there so many issues with so many of the Chasers at Dover? Is there something particular about Dover that would cause so many problems, especially entering pit road?

GB: That pit road is really hard to get on. It's extremely difficult to get down on that flat -- it goes from pretty steep banking to the flat and it's slick down there, so it's just really hard to get on pit road. You can get caught speeding right at the beginning of pit road if you're not careful.

JR: What was the battle like between you and your teammate Kenseth to get back on the lead lap?

GB: That was a pretty big battle. We weren't that great back in traffic.

The 17 was still pretty good, but we were dicing it out pretty good there for a while. But it really didn't matter … seems like these races are going so long [under] green, there's not nearly as many cautions.

JR: You're now ninth in the championship battle, 140 points out. What's your outlook going forward?

GB: Maybe make the top five in points -- that's really now what we're looking for. I think that's realistic.

JR: Have you given up on a championship at this point?

GB: We don't ever give up, but it would probably be unrealistic to think that we can make up 140 points in eight races, taking on 10 of the best drivers in all of motorsports.

JR: You've had good success in Kansas; give us a preview of what we can expect out of the 16 team this weekend.

GB: We just hope that we run good.

It's been a little disappointing lately. Loudon tends to be a good track for us and Dover is an awesome track for us -- it's one of our best racetracks and that just didn't pan out, so it's starting to get a little bad for us.

Kansas is one of our best racetracks, but until we go there … I'm optimistic of us running well there, but I have been at the first two tracks [in the Chase] and it hasn't panned out well, so we'll just hold our breath and wait and see what happens. We've been really good on the 1½ [and 2-mile] tracks this year.

Chicago we ran good, Indy we ran good, Pocono we won, Michigan we led the most laps -- so I would think we'd go there and have a chance to win, but it's been pretty tough the last three or four weeks.