Biffle rises to the occasion at Kansas

Editor's note: Greg Biffle is talking to "NASCAR Now" producer Jeff Ross after each race of the Chase this season. In this, his third installment, he talks about his victory at Kansas and what that means for him and his team.

Jeff Ross: Seemed to me you were searching for your line early. … What were you trying to accomplish there on the first few laps?

Greg Biffle: Early in the race we were a little bit too loose and I couldn't quite get the car to go like I wanted it to. I couldn't quite get the gas down, but we were real happy we could get the top groove to work and the bottom groove all day, and we were also real proud of running in the top five all day. We spent most of the day in the top five, the worst we were was sixth or seventh once, but were all over the top five. When you can do that at a racetrack like this and do that all day, it's an accomplishment.

JR: You didn't make any adjustments on the first pit stop, why was that?

GB: I was nervous to make adjustments. The car was running so good I was just thinking to myself: You hate to work on something when you're running that good. … But, on the other hand, there were a couple of guys who were faster than me, namely the 14 car [Tony Stewart's]. We knew that if we could just get a little bit faster, a little bit better … so we stayed with it for a while and then I finally decided to put some air in the left rear, tighten the car up a little bit. Once I did that it just took off.

I was way faster after that. Simultaneously, the 14 started fading at that point in the race.

JR: How important was beating the 14 off pit road on the Lap 187 stop?

GB: That was important but how good our car was in the second half of the race … I certainly don't want to take anything away from the pit crew, because that was an important deal, but it sure seemed like our car got tremendously faster right after that pit stop.

JR: You head to a place now that you've won at, Fontana, with momentum. How are you feeling right now compared to how you were feeling a week ago after Dover?

GB: I'll tell you what, Dover's still a thorn in my side because we had about a sixth-, seventh-, eighth-place car, which is not great and we finished 19th with it. We'd be sitting here talking to you being 40 points out of the lead or 35 instead of [85]. So that's still a race I'm having a hard time with, but I'm looking forward to Fontana. It's a great race track for us as well as Kansas is. We're optimistic we can go to California and make the same kind of things work for us there as we did here.

JR: Before I let you go, I want to get your take on the incidents between the 00 [David Reutimann's] and 18 cars [Kyle Busch's] today?

GB: I didn't see anything, but I've heard rumors, so why don't you tell me what happened.

JR: Early on the 18 spun the 00 out and then about 100 laps later the 00 returned the favor.

GB: How'd it work out for them?

JR: Not so well, Kyle's just ahead of you now in the points.

GB: Well, that's what happens. When you wreck somebody, they'll wreck you back. It's that simple.

JR: What do you think of a non-Chaser wrecking a Chaser?

GB: What difference does it make? We don't wear an armored suit. We don't have kryptonite or anything like that. We're human beings, too, and we're all racing for the win. We don't have title to nobody. Nobody has title to wreck anyone else.

Doesn't matter who you are. Accidents do happen, though, I will say. I didn't see the incident. I will watch it and form my own opinion, but sometimes people make mistakes, too. I'll watch "NASCAR Now" … and let you know what I think.