'Amazing' week in store for a future bride in the IRL

All right, start your combines and get the grain trucks out of the shed because we are headed to Iowa! I was in Iowa back in February gettin' the lay of the land and promoting and it looks like the farmers will be out in full force.

OK, before we talk Iowa talk, let's back up and see what's been going on since Texas. Texas was a challenge all weekend but we worked through it and kept the car on all four wheels to finish 10th. Buddy Rice also got a top-10, finishing eighth -- his best finish this season.

I was so excited about our first weekend off that I hardly could contain myself. During the week, we tested at Mid-Ohio. I had a few opportunities to run a go-kart at Mid-Ohio back in the day, but my mother had a pretty bad crash there in her racing days, so she kept me away from there … at least until now! It's like when your parents tell you that you can't watch something, then when you are of age, you can do whatever you want.

I arrived in Mid-Ohio on Tuesday the 12th and did familiarization rides in the Acura to get the feel of the track. Braking zones, shifting -- all the basics. We tested all day Wednesday and we were late getting on the track due to a gear-box issue. We finally got out on the track and got some good laps in, which will give us some basis when we return in July.

I finished the rest of my week working on my wedding invitations and I finally finished them! What a task that is. Stuff, fold, decorate, insert, lick, address, stamp (oh wait, postage went up ... grrr!). Well, that's put to bed. … Let's see, laundry, cleaning. …

Now, for our weekend off. Boating, swimming and go-karting seemed appropriate. Kyle, Andy's little brother, even won this weekend! A couple birthday parties and, of course, family and friends finally got to see us. We fired up the grill and had a little cookout, which was really relaxing.

But Monday it was back to work! PitFit was back on the schedule for working out and we had pre-race interviews for Iowa. We had a quick trip to Rochester, N.Y., to promote the Watkins Glen Indy Grand Prix and were back home Tuesday night. We were in and out in less than 24 hours!

OK, Iowa is going to be amazing! I'm really looking forward to Iowa because it's a short track with high banking. It will be one of the best races for the series this year. It really adds variety to our schedule. I raced there when I was 15 and 16 in the Knoxville Nationals and I'm looking forward to the fans because they are very supportive.

Traveling to Iowa will be a big glimpse to the past, too. It was about 10 years ago this year that I was last there. I drove for my dad until I was 18 years old. I am really close to my dad because of this. (OK, really touchy here.) I knew more about taxes and the real world by age 16 than most people know in a lifetime. All those hours in the box van driving to all the races across the country -- I learned a lot to say the least.

Man it was tough looking back -- 60 races a year. It was just me and dad on the "crew." I learned everything about our car. How to maintain it, how to run the valves to make sure the motor is ready to go. Clean nozzles, everything! 18436572 … that is the firing order. And now, we're back in Iowa but this time we are here racing professionally. We made it. Sorry, a tangent. …

OK, Iowans get the grain flowin' because we're comin' to town.

-- S

IRL IndyCar Series driver Sarah Fisher drives the Dreyer & Reinbold Racing No. 5 Dallara/Honda. She is providing a diary to ESPN.com. For more on Sarah, go to www.sarahfisher.com.