British newspaper to send Mosley sex video to racing's governing group

LONDON -- The tabloid newspaper accusing Formula One president Max Mosley of taking part in Nazi role-play with prostitutes said it will send videotapes of the encounter to the sport's governing body.

The News of the World published a follow-up story Sunday in which it quoted an unidentified prostitute who is said to have participated in sex acts with the 67-year-old Mosley. The weekly British paper also carried an editorial backing its reporting.

"We absolutely refute and challenge his assertion that we have invented any elements of his depravity," the paper said. "Which is why we plan to send copies of our video evidence to Senate members representing the global motor-racing community, which will decide on the future of the president.

"Their own statutes decree anyone who inflicts 'moral injury' on the FIA by 'words, deeds or writings' may be expelled."

The paper said it will make tapes available to any member federation that asks for it.

There was no immediate response from Mosley, who did not attend the Formula One race in Bahrain amid calls for him to resign.

Mosley has requested a special meeting at an undetermined date in Paris, where he will state his case to the 222 national motoring organizations from 130 countries.

On Saturday, the American Automobile Association joined a growing list of motoring federations demanding that Mosley step down, calling the events "very distressing and embarrassing."

Mosley has started legal proceedings against the News of the World.

"I was the victim of a disgusting conspiracy. It goes without saying that the so-called Nazi element is pure fabrication," Mosley wrote on Friday in a letter to German motoring federation ADAC, excerpts of which were published by the Web site Autosport.com on Saturday.

"This will become crystal clear when the matter comes to trial," Mosley said. "The newspaper invented this in order to spice up their story and introduce my family background."

Mosley is the son of British Union of Fascists party founder Oswald Mosley, a former British politician who served in Parliament for both the Labour and Conservative parties. Oswald Mosley died in 1980.