Q & A with JAMES LAFFERTY ("Steve Alford"):

Q: How's your game in real life?

A: Well, I'd like to think I've got a decent game. I've played basketball for a long time now, and I've loved every second of it. Whether it's playing a good game of pickup ball with my friends, or playing down to the wire in a heated league game, there just isn't much I'd rather be doing. I think when you're as big of a gym rat as I am, and you love basketball that much, it's not uncommon to have a well-structured game.

Q: More uncomfortable: wearing 1980s IU shorts or wearing "Alford hair"?

A: Steve Alford should be proud to have sported the coolest hairstyle of all time. It was simple, it was consistent, and the girls loved it. I actually didn't find it to be the least bit uncomfortable. The 80's style shorts, however, I could definitely live without.

Q: Will this role help you pick up girls when you get back to school?

A: In the event that I do get back in public school, I doubt that anything short of a miracle would help me pick up chicks. Well, actually, I suppose if I started parting my hair in the middle.........