Mayorga 'in rebellion' if he misses next hearing

MANAGUA, Nicaragua -- Former champion Ricardo Mayorga missed
a rape case hearing because he is training for a bout in New York,
and a new hearing was set for Oct. 6.

Mayorga was to appear Wednesday for an initial hearing following
a complaint by a 22-year-old woman. Judge Martha Lorena Martinez
said Thursday if the boxer does not appear at the rescheduled
hearing he would be declared "in rebellion" and an arrest warrant
would be issued.

Mayorga's mother, Miriam Perez, told the court her son was in
the United States training for his Oct. 2 middleweight bout against
Felix Trinidad at Madison Square Garden.

Mayorga was arrested on the rape charge Sept. 9 in Managua. An
appeals court ordered him freed 12 hours later, but he still faces
the criminal allegation.

Harry Peralta, attorney for the woman who filed the complaint,
criticized the judge's decision to give Mayorga a second chance to

The woman said the boxer had invited her to a hotel, beat her
and sexually abused her. Mayorga has denied any force, saying, "I
had a normal relationship with her."

The bout is to be first fight after a two-year retirement for
Trinidad, a former welterweight, junior middleweight and
middleweight champion.

Mayorga is 27-1-4 with 23 knockouts. The former welterweight
champ had consecutive victories over Vernon Forrest last year and
is going to a higher weight class after losing a close decision to
Cory Spinks in a welterweight title unification fight last