Maskaev-Peter: Round-by-round

A round-by-round account of the heavyweight showdown between Oleg Maskaev and Samuel Peter in Cancun, Mexico:

Punch-by-punch by Darius Ortiz
Round 1

Peter on his way to the ring. Maskaev next. Maskaev wearing a sombrero. Russian man, Mexican hat, enters the ring to song by an English band. Fighters being announced. Peter looking calm and collected. Very focused. Maskaev, for his part, looking a bit haggard. Longest introduction ever. Neither fighter looks the other in the eye. OK, we're off. Both fighters tough gloves. Peter working the jab. Maskaev on the backfoot. Both fighters tie up. Peter looking very relaxed. Maskaev studying Peter. Nice jab to the body by Peter. Peter clubs to the body but misses. Now Maskaev opening up. Maskaev loads up with a right but looks pitifully slow. Nice right hand by Peter on the chin. Maskaev takes it well. Peter lands a pair of rights. Maskaev has a look on his face like he just woke up. Peter doing nifty things. No rabbit punches … yet. Oh there it is, to end the round.

Darius Ortiz scores it: 10-9, Peter

Round 2

Peter pawing his his jab. Peter opens with a combination. Maskaev very gunshy. Peter looking for an opening. Maskaev with an elbow to the throat. No caution from the ref. Maskaev trying to open up but right hands from Peter have him thinking twice. Both men land thudding jabs. Maskaev keeping Peter at bay with good jabs. Both men lock up with 45 seconds left in the round. Maskaev jabs, then leaps in with a hook. Peter misses with a wild hook. Peter looking to pin Maskaev against the ropes. Peter opening up toward the end of the round. Maskaev trying to pull the trigger but he hasn't found his timing yet.

Darius Ortiz scores it: 10-9, Peter

Round 3

2-0 on my scorecard; Maskaev always starts slow though. Maskaev looks awkward. he still hasn't found his flow. Both men open up. Peter sees Maskaev's punches coming. Peter with a rabbit punch, Maskaev protecting the back of his head. Peter jabs to the body. Good uppercut by Peter, Maskaev wobbled badly. Peter opening up with a torrent of punches. Maskaev blocks almost all of them. Peter back to jabbing. he may have tired himself out. Maskaev hurts Peter badly with a cross! Maskaev stalks like a caveman but Peter gets out of the way. Both men have felt the other's power. Maskaev with a hard right hand! Maskaev has found his timing -- and a way to compensate for his slow hands: he is throwing the straighter punches.

Darius Ortiz scores it: 10-9, Maskaev

Round 4

Both men fighting cautious now. Maskaev with a jab to the body. Nice straight jab by Peter snap's Maskaev's head back. Maskaev on his toes now. With each round, he seems to be shaking the ringrust off. Peter jabbing effectively. Even round so far. Maskaev bobbing and weaving a la Pernell Whitaker. A very big, slow Pernell Whitaker. Peter jabs, then throws a right hand. Both men tie up. Maskaev lands a combination. Maskaev looking to land his right hand. Peter and Maskaev trade jabs at the bell.

Darius Ortiz scores it: 10-9, Maskaev

Round 5

37-39 twice, 40-38 for Peter. Thank you open scoring system. Both men going to town now. Peter lands a nifty jab. Maskaev looks a bit winded. Maskaev loading up a bit now. Maskaev opens with a nice combination but Peter responds with a right. Maskaev doing too much thinking and not enough punching. Good right hand by Maskaev. Peter responds with a right. Every time Maskaev opens up, Peter responds with his own fire.

Darius Ortiz scores it: 10-9, Peter

Round 6

Not the easiest fight to score. Peter doing a little bit more work and is always the last to land, though. Peter punches off the break. Maskaev back to jabbing. Decent right hand by Maskaev. Peter pawing with the jab. Peter lands a rib-rattling bodyshot. Peter warned for his bread-and-butter punch. Maskaev again loading up with the right. Peter moving straight back at times. Peter hurts Maskaev with a right hand. Maskaev in serious trouble! He takes the time to tap the back of his head though. Peter winding up and landing, Maskaev pinned against the ropes. Peter landing very hard punches! Maskaev going down! It's over! A devastating combination by Peter forces the stoppage. Good killer instinct by Peter; he had his man hurt and it got him out of there.

Peter TKO 6 Maskaev

Dan Rafael is the boxing writer for ESPN.com.
Darius Ortiz is the boxing editor of ESPN.com.