Conte sued for slander by Mosley, who says he never knowingly took steroids

SAN FRANCISCO -- "Sugar" Shane Mosley is accusing convicted steroids dealer Victor Conte of slander for telling newspapers he saw the boxer knowingly inject steroids.

Mosley filed suit against Conte in federal court, accusing the founder of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative of making the allegedly false statements to boost book sales. Conte is planning to write a book about the steroids scandal now enveloping sports.

Conte says he stands by the comments he made to the newspapers and calls the lawsuit "frivolous."

"This defamation lawsuit against me by Shane Mosley is nothing more than Marion Jones Part Two and I will vigorously defend myself in this case," Conte said in a statement. "I've been through this before and we all know how that matter turned out for Marion Jones. Mosley's lawsuit is simply another example of an athlete who is bringing a lawsuit for publicity purposes only. "

Mosley, a former three-division world champion, has said he unwittingly used steroids produced by BALCO.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.