Mosley-Mayorga: Round-by-round

A round-by-round account of the lightweight showdown between Mosley-Mayorga in Carson, Calif.:

Punch-by-punch by Darius Ortiz
Round 1

Ladies and gents, it's fight time! Ricardo Mayorga, all 170 pounds of him, heading to the ring. And, in case you were wondering, that's "Matador" by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs that Mayorga's strutting to the ring to. If there's one guy you'd want having your back in a backalley right, it would be Mayorga. Unfortunately for him, the ring ain't a backalley, and Mosley isn't a street tough. Speaking of Mosley, here he comes now, flashing that 100-watt smile. Talk about the antithesis of Mayorga. Mosley all smiles as he waves to the crowd. Mayorga booed as he's announced. Cheers for Mosley. The fighters touch gloves, and we're off. Mayorga misses with a big right. Mosley sticks the jab in Mayorga's face. Mayorga wings another right. Mosley pegs Mayorga in the stomach with a jab. Mayorga jabbing. Mosley coming forward. That's a surprise. Mayorga throws an overhand right, then comes up with an uppercut. Mayorga rakes to the body with a digging blow. Mosley returns the favor with shots to the liver. Mosley is trading on even terms with Mayorga. That's dangerous, just ask Vernon Forrest. A big right rocks Mosley. Mosley shuffles and struggles to keep his balance. Mayorga supremely confident. Mosely trying to relax. Mayorga is leading with a telegraphed right hand -- and landing. Mosley leery at the bell.

Darius Ortiz scores it: 10-9, Mayorga

Round 2

Mayorga storms across the ring at the bell. Mayorga is all business tonight. No showboating, no antics; all business. Mosley ties up. Mayorga throws a combination. Nice jab, followed by bodyshots by Mayorga. Mosley trying to slow Mayorga with bodyshots. Mayorga controlling the ring and fighting with a high workrate. Both men tie up with a minute left in the round. Mayorga just misses with a right. Mosley on his toes. Mayorga misses and Mosley counters with a half-hearted jab. Mayorga gets hit with a jab seconds before the bell.

Darius Ortiz scores it: 10-9, Mayorga

Round 3

Both men trade jabs to begin Round 3. Mosley timing his shots better now. Mayorga dips between a Mosley counter, then tackles Mosley. Mayorga complaining about a head butt now. Both men touch gloves and we're off again. Mosley pummeling the body but Mayorga hasn't slowed down yet. Mayorga clubs Mosley to the body with his right as he holds Mosley with the left. I think they teach you that one in the schoolyard. Fort the third time in the round, Mayorga attempts to slam Mosley. Mayorga imposing his power on Mosley. Mayorga jabs, then throws a haymaker right.

Darius Ortiz scores it: 10-9, Mayorga

Round 4

Mosley turning up the heat and timing Mayorga's punches. Mayorga doing everything he can to keep Mosley off his game. Mosley misses with a hook and Mayorga storms in -- but walks into a counter hook. Mayorga's punches are losing steam. Mosley counters a Mayorga charge with a pair of hooks. Now a right hand stops Mayorga in his tracks. Mosley finding a home for counter rights and hooks on Mayorga's chin now. This is by far Mosley's best round. Mayorga charges in but is met with a jab.

Darius Ortiz scores it: 10-9, Mosley

Round 5

Both men lock horns to begin Round 5. Mosly jabs, then lunges with a right. Mosley looking like Mosley now. Mayorga stalks, misses with a punch, then locks up. Mosley just misses with a right, and Mayorga is hopelessly late with a counter right. Mosely seems relaxed and confident at this point. Mayorga lands a solid hook as Mosley pulls straight back. A right hand lands flush for Mosley. Mosley opening up and Mayorga looking to take advantage. Mayorga goads Mosley to stand and trade but Mayorga isn't having it. Mayorga complaining about a liver shot. Both men trade at the bell.

Darius Ortiz scores it: 10-9, Mosley

Round 6

Both men come out firing to start Rounf 6. Mosley stuns Mayorga with a quick combination. Mayorga gathers himself quickly. Mayorga is predictable with his punches at this point. Clash of heads; both me are OK. Mosley stalking Mayorga. Mosley opening up; Mayorga nods for more punishment. Mosley teeing off. Mosley lands a vicious left hook. Mayorga asking for more. Mosley jabs, hooks, uppercuts to the body and goes back to the head at the bell.

Darius Ortiz scores it: 10-9, Mosley

Round 7

Mosley fighting like he has somewhere to be in a few minutes. He wants to end it. Mayorga pawing with a jab. Mosley locks up when Mayorga gets too close. Mayorga holds with his left and goes clubbing with his right. Mayorga leaps in with a hook but Mosley easily evades. Both men trade uppercuts. Mayorga fighting with renewed energy. Mayorga snaps Mosley's head back with an uppercut. Mosley on his toes and evading punches at the bell.

Darius Ortiz scores it: 10-9, Mosley

Round 8

Fight's turned ugly; lots of holding. Mayorga still winging them. Mayorga throws, then holds. Mayorga throwing first now; Mosley not doing much. Ugly round. Both fighters warned for wrestling. Mosley trying to mount an attack but Mayorga not having it. Mayorga winds up and throws a haymaker. Both men look tired at the bell.

Darius Ortiz scores it: 10-9, Mayorga

Round 9

Mosley starts this round by jabbing. Mayorga digs to the body with little effect. Mayorga missing with rights, Mosley working the body.

Darius Ortiz scores it: 10-9, Mosley

Round 10

Mosley has turned southpaw. Mayorga holds while Mosley works the body. Mayorga still leaping in but Mosley not quite quick to counter. Mosley misses with a lead left hook. Both men back to holding. Mosley lands a low blow; Mayorga cringes. Mosley lands a vicious right hand. Both men trade to the body. Mayorga swings Mosley to the canvas just before the bell.

Darius Ortiz scores it: 10-9, Mosley

Round 11

Mayorga doing his best to tie up Mosley. Mosley still landing cleanly but can't budge Mayorga. Mayorga picking his spots and trying to time Mosley coming in. Both men back to wrestling. A vicious body shot slows Mayorga and forces him to clinch. A pair of right hands get Mayorga's attention. Mayorga showboating. Mosley opening up with hooks and crosses. Mayorga waves to the crowd and eats a jab.

Darius Ortiz scores it: 10-9, Mosley

Round 12

Last round. Mayorga comes out aggressively but quickly loses steam. Both men trading in the center of the ring. Neither man budges the other. Mayorga lands a clubbing right but it barely fazes Mosley. Mayorga doing his best to outwork Mosley. Mosley lands a jab then gets out of the path of danger. Mayorga resorts to lunging. Mosley digs to the body but his punches don't sting. Mosley hurts Mayorga with hooks and a hard right. Mosley gunning for the knockout. Mayorga hurt badly. He hits the canvas just before the bell. A hard left hook, and Mayorga is knocked out at 2:59 of Round 12!

Shane Mosley has defeated Ricardo Mayorga by KO at 2:59 of Round 12.

Darius Ortiz is the boxing editor of ESPN.com.