The lead-up to the big fight

Kieran Mulvaney and Darius Ortiz take you through the build up of Floyd Mayweather-Ricky Hatton in Las Vegas.

Originally Published: December 8, 2007
By Kieran Mulvaney, Darius Ortiz | Special to ESPN.com

Saturday, 8:20 p.m. PT -- Please welcome … David Beckham!

You have to feel for the guys fighting the co-main at an event like this. There are almost 17,000 people in the crowd right now, and virtually none of them could care that Jeff Lacy and Peter Manfredo are in the ring. Hardly any of them seem to be paying attention. You can tell their minds are elsewhere because they aren't even cheering the ringside girls.

They did notice Becks' arrival, though.

"One David ...

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