Who are the NYC Marathon runners?

The 2013 New York City Marathon is in the books, and there are plenty of ways to measure its success.

A record 50,740 runners started the race, and the 50,304 who finished is also a record.

But what are those numbers made of, exactly? Here's a look -- courtesy of Raymond Britt of RunTriMedia.com -- at how this year's field compares to those who ran in 2009, the last year for which Britt had complete data

How fast were they?
When comparing average finish times, men in the 25-29 age group were the fastest overall, while that same segment was the fastest among all women.

Time comparisons
Conditions were cold and windy during the 2013 race, which likely contributed to the fact that all but two age groups saw an increase in their average finish times compared to 2009.

Breaking down the men
This year's men's field saw an increase in total finishers in every age group, with the exception of the two youngest.

Breaking down the women
The women's field got even stronger than the men in 2013, with an increase in finishers across all age groups compared to 2009.

Where are they from?
It's no surprise that New York state accounted for the most finishers among any named geographic location, by far, with neighboring New Jersey coming in a distant second.

Finisher comparison
New York not only had the most finishers, but nearly doubled its total from 2009. The top three foreign nations on the list saw a drop compared to 2009