Bill Finley
Why was Roman Chapa still riding?

There's something to be said for second or even third chances, but not when someone commits an act that is cruel to the horse, fleeces the bettors and damages the sport's reputation.

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Jay Cronley
Pick a loser

There are two things worth handicapping in a race, horses and horse race pickers.

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Gary West
The Triple Crown 100

The dreaming has begun, and the vagaries are gathering. And so it's time for the annual Top 100 Potential Triple Crown Noisemakers.

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In the Gate: Horse Racing Podcasts
Culture Shock

We discuss controversial shockwave therapy procedure with expert Dr. Scott McClure of Iowa State and for a horseman's perspective with Augustin Stable owner George Strawbridge.

Dance Little Sister

Apprentice jockey Alexandra Jara, whose brother -- Fernando -- won Belmont Stakes and Breeders' Cup Classic at age 18. Bob Ehalt analyzes 3-yr olds, & Barry Abrams' commentary.

Dems Da Rules

Charles Town Races steward Larry Dupuy on transparency & rules uniformity amongst states. Gary West has an early look at promising Derby hopefuls, & Barry Abrams' commentary.