Gary West
Shaping up to be a Classic

Shared Belief isn't the richest, or best known or most popular horse in the country, but he soon could be all those things.

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Bill Finley
Europeans invade American turf

How good are the North American turf horses?

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Jay Cronley
Party of one

Triple Crown and Breeders' Cup events are to horse race attendance as baccarat is to gambling, it's a world apart from the norm.

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Amanda Duckworth
Rest easy, Cigar

The great Cigar has passed on to that great oval in the sky.

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In the Gate: Horse Racing Podcasts
Hardest Core

Caroline & Gregory Bentley, who along with their son with Down Syndrome, Andrew, own unlikely Breeders' Cup Turf hopeful Hardest Core, share their amazing story.

Unwavering Belief

Alex Solis II, manager of the group that owns Shared Belief, looks ahead to the Breeders' Cup Classic. Amanda Duckworth analyzes, plus Barry Abrams' commentary on Cigar.

Setting the Tone

Robert "Shel" Evans, owner of Belmont Stakes & Jockey Club Gold Cup winner, Tonalist, looks ahead to the BC Classic. Jennie Rees analyzes, plus a Barry Abrams commentary.