Derby winner continues to improve following surgery

KENNETT SQUARE, Pa. -- Barbaro's pain medication was reduced
and the Kentucky Derby winner continued to improve following
surgery on his left hind hoof.

Barbaro, plagued by the often-fatal hoof disease called
laminitis, underwent surgery Saturday, and has made steady progress
since, said chief surgeon Dean Richardson of the University of
Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center.

"Barbaro's comfort level is improving steadily, and we are
gradually tapering off his pain medication," Richardson said in an
update issued Thursday. "His vital signs are stable, and his
appetite is good."

Earlier in the week, Richardson said Barbaro had improved
considerably from a procedure that removed a section of the hoof.

Barbaro has been recovering at New Bolton since shattering three
bones in his right rear leg at the start of the Preakness Stakes on
May 20.

Last July, Barbaro developed laminitis in his left hoof due to
uneven weight distribution in the limbs, 80 percent of that hoof
was removed.