Athlete who fled Katrina jailed for making bomb threat

DENTON, Texas -- A high school basketball star is accused of
calling in a bomb threat to the school the night of a game he was
missing because of a suspension for fighting.

Howard Stirgus, an 18-year-old who came to Denton in 2005 after
fleeing New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, was jailed on
suspicion of making a false alarm and abusing the 911 system.

Authorities said he called Denton High School on Tuesday night,
claiming there was a bomb in the building that would detonate in
minutes. The call delayed the start of a doubleheader between the
Denton and Guyer girls and boys teams for more than an hour while
authorities searched the school.

According to a police report, Stirgus admitted making the calls.
He remained in the Denton County Jail on Thursday on a $12,500
bond, jail officials said. It was unclear if he had an attorney yet.

Denton Independent School District Athletic Director Ken Purcell
said Stirgus, who averages 21.9 points and 9.8 rebounds per game,
would not play pending a district investigation.