Johansson shut out two opponents at Wimbledon

STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Swedish tennis star Torsten Johansson,
who set a record by shutting out two opponents at Wimbledon in
1946, died at 84.

Johnasson died May 14, Mats Hasselquist, a friend and former
Swedish Davis Cup captain, said Wednesday.

A 6-0, 6-0, 6-0 victory is a tennis rarity, but Johansson
produced two in a row at Wimbledon 58 years ago.

Johansson played for the Royal Tennis Club in the early 1940s
and won more than 100 national titles for the club, a record that
still stands.

He and Lennart Bergelin, who later became Bjorn Borg's coach,
turned Sweden into a tennis power after World War II. Johansson
played Davis Cup tennis for 16 years, retiring after the 1962
series against Mexico.

Johansson played in senior tournaments until his death.

"He always wanted to die on the tennis court, but it didn't
happen," Hasselquist, a former Swedish Davis Cup captain, told The
Associated Press.

Johansson is survived by his wife, Lise, and two sons, Toto and