Ivanisevic to come out of retirement

ZAGREB, Croatia -- Former Wimbledon champion Goran
Ivanisevic is coming out of retirement for Croatia's Davis Cup
final against Slovakia.

"I'm going to make myself ready," Ivanisevic said in an
interview on the Davis Cup Web site.

The final is set for Dec. 2-4 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

It's uncertain what role the 34-year-old Ivanisevic might play,
though it's likely he would be picked for doubles.

Ivanisevic retired from the men's tour -- mostly because of
shoulder problems -- soon after winning Wimbledon as a wild card in
2001. He still plays sometimes, including doubles in the 2003 Davis
Cup against the United States.

"It's my obligation to be ready if I'm picked as the fourth
[player]," Ivanisevic said. "Something happens and I have to be
ready because I'll have to then play doubles or something. ... I
have to be ready and I'm going to be ready."