Gilbert to continue to work for British Lawn Tennis Association

LONDON -- Brad Gilbert is to
continue working for the British Lawn Tennis Association on a shortened contract following his split with Andy Murray.

The American coach signed a three-year contract with the LTA in 2006,
with his main role to work with Murray, Britain's top player and
currently No. 11 in the world.

However, after the pair parted company last week, the LTA
renegotiated their arrangement with Gilbert.

"We have reduced his contract down by knocking eight months
off it, we have reduced the number of weeks down to 20 from 40
because he is not travelling with Andy," LTA chief executive
Roger Draper told BBC Radio 5 Live on Sunday.

"We have set him a new challenge of getting Alex Bogdanovic
[ranked 161] into the top 100 to fulfill his potential and he
will spend 15 or 16 weeks working with Alex, both here and at
tournaments around the world.

"We also want him to work on 'upskilling' our coaches and
inspiring the next generation to follow in Andy's footsteps."

Draper said that there would not be any financial
compensation for Gilbert, who he said was happy instead to be
given free time to dedicate to coaching elsewhere or doing media

"I think it is win-win for all concerned," he said. "He
brings a lot of knowledge to British tennis and we want to
continue that."

Draper said the split between Gilbert and Murray had been
based on off-court issues. "I think they just stopped getting
on," said Draper. Andy is 20 and Brad is 46, it was two guys who
stopped enjoying each other's company on the tour."

"From a tennis point of view both guys are world class -- I
don't think it was anything to do with the tennis it was
something off the court."