Tennis Expert Picks - French Open


Editor's note: In selecting our picks, the "toughest road" must be by a player currently seeded in the top 10, and a "sleeper" is someone outside the top 10.

It has been well established that Americans can't win on clay -- with the notable exception of Serena Williams this year -- but can they pick winners on clay?

We shall see.

The French Open draws are complete, and it's time for ESPN's many experts to step up and predict who will win, who will depart early and who will surprise.

Veteran broadcaster Cliff Drysdale, soon to be enshrined in the International Tennis Hall of Fame, finds himself in a familiar position: leading the pack after nailing four of six picks at the Australian Open. Brad Gilbert, Pam Shriver and Greg Garber are in a pack just behind him with three.

So feel free to follow along at home as the tournament progresses. You can catch the matches on ESPN2 and ESPN3.