Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson combined to hit 484 3-pointers last season, making their nickname of the "Splash Brothers" more than appropriate. It seems like DeMarcus Cousins, who is practicing with Curry as part of Team USA and hit zero 3-pointers last season, was a bit envious of their success:

As you can see, Curry is less than impressed. It's not all bad for Cousins, though. At least he hit the rim twice in a row. That's pretty good! Fortunately for Cousins, if he keeps dropping 22 points and 11 rebounds per game, Sacramento Kings fans won't mind if he jacks up an ill-fated 3 every once in a while.

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We know the images of sports well, through awe-inspiring photographs and embedded-in-our-brains highlights.

This artist, though, is looking at the athletes and coaches we love a little differently. Well, OK, a lot differently. With some of the most minimalist sports portraits you'll find, Instagram user @lessonsinsport allows us to see big stars in quite a different light.

Check out our favorites:

Barry Sanders

Jim Harbaugh

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Muggsy Bogues

Steve Spurrier

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Jamie Carragher is a Liverpool legend, a Merseyside native and defender who made 737 appearances for the club and helped it win the 2005 Champions League title.

But who cares about all that? During a recent autograph session with a host of Reds-loving kids, one sought the answer we all wanted: Did he ever get bitten by former teammate/serial biter Luis Suarez?

As far as we could hear, he didn't say no ...

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On his retirement tour, Derek Jeter has received plenty of tributes. Television commercials. Commemorative videos. Gifts such as subway tiles, a surfboard and a fine bottle of wine.

And now, a five-acre corn maze in New Jersey:

Jeter Corn Maze VonThun Farms

That, via computer rendering, comes from VonThun Farms in South Brunswick, about 55 miles south of Yankee Stadium, whose corn maze long has been a staple -- just not with The Captain's face.

Owner Cindy VonThun told the Associated Press the farm originally planned a maze that looked like a tractor carrying pumpkins. But Utah-based The Maize Company, which helps build the VonThun mazes, suggested Jeter instead.

"'You're in the middle of Jeter Country, why wouldn't you be doing a tribute to this man? He's wonderful,'" she said the company told VonThun. "Everyone's going to love that more than they're going to love a tractor pulling some wagons, pulling some pumpkins. We thought about it and thought why not.

"This was just something totally different. ... To walk out in the field and to be on a path and to say, 'I'm in Derek Jeter's chin,' it's pretty cool."

The maze, which has been completed, will be open from Sept. 20 through Halloween, according to VonThun.

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