Dabo Swinney and Steve Spurrier have taken the Clemson-South Carolina to a new level: that of cosmological debates regarding the planetary status of Pluto.

Swinney started it all. Asked to compare Spurrier to himself, he chose planets as his metaphor:

Spurrier came right back at him, calling Swinney out for a perceived lack of knowledge on the most recent trends in astronomical classification:

The science is on Spurrier's side. Pluto hasn't been a planet since 2006 because it's not large enough to have "cleared the neighborhood" of its orbit. It's so small, in fact, that there are seven moons (including our own) that are bigger than it. Pluto's orbit is also kind of weird, it's really far away from the sun, and we didn't even know it was there until about 1930 or so.

On the other hand, we all grew up with Pluto as a planet, and who is Steve Spurrier to crush our -- and Swinney's -- childhoods like that? All we know is that when we send our first spacecraft there (the New Horizons probe, set to arrive around July 2015), Pluto is going to be super upset with us.

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The "next Michael Jordan" debate/discussion will never stop raging. Los Angeles Clippers guard Jamal Crawford, though, thinks the case has been closed for a long time.

Speaking to the crowd at the Seattle Basketball Pro Am, the Emerald City native introduced Kobe Bryant as "this generation's Michael Jordan." Check it out, as captured by davidverts on Instagram:

Bryant certainly has something of a claim, using his prodigious shot-creating ability to win five championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. Others, though, believe LeBron James deserves the title, while many surely believe there will never be a "next Michael."

What do you think?

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It's no surprise that LeBron James Jr. is a chip off the old block on the basketball court. And it's also not unusual to see eager AAU parents cheering on their kids. But when one of the supportive dads happens to be the best basketball player in the world, there's something especially charming about seeing him initiate a celebratory roll-into-pig-pile with a bunch of fourth graders.

Even coach John Calipari stopped by to get an early jump on recruiting chat it up with LeBron and take in some of the action:

JamesLexington Herald-Leader

LeBron JamesLexington Herald-Leader

LeBron JamesLexington Herald-Leader

Something tells us we might be talking about "Bronny" on a bigger stage than the AAU Fourth Grade Division I national championship tournament ... Too soon? Too soon.

Video courtesy of Lee K. Howard of WKYT, H/T SB Nation

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Go ahead and cringe, soccer coaches. You won't want your midfielders, forwards -- heck, even defenders -- to see what Carlos Lobaton did last Thursday, from about 65-70 yards out, during a match between Lobaton's Sporting Cristal and Peruvian Primera Division rival Juan Arich. After all, if they do, everyone will want to try it.

In other words, this goal is insane:

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Beards. Are they even cool anymore? Have they gotten too mainstream? Who can tell?

One thing that is beyond doubt, however, is that Washington Nationals fan Eric Brooks' beard is THE MOST AMAZING OF ALL THINGS ... even if, in his Instagram caption, Brooks apologizes for it ("It's sloppy because I did it very quick").

Now, we'd be inclined to think this is fake, since so much of the Internet is fake that all of us are probably hoaxes at this point. However, Brooks' Instagram account shows all sorts of examples of the all-around D.C. sports fan turning his facial hair into what at times looks like a death metal logo.

And hey, let's not forget about the Ovechbeard.

H/T For the Win / Big League Stew

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