The Miami Heat, no matter what a certain star once said, do not play on South Beach.

Still, it's hard to separate the NBA franchise and the neighborhood that's just a causeway away. So, as posted to owner Micky Arison's Instagram account this week, the team is considering these vibrantly colored uniforms -- in some capacity -- which would fit right in on Collins Avenue:

That color scheme look familiar? Many have noticed its similarity to the "Miami Vice" TV show's logo, but it doesn't stop there. The Washington Post noticed that a number of Reddit users have proposed "Miami Vice" theme nights, with one creating the uni design that Arison ultimately shared.

Who knows what will come of these (this writer would offer a "Yes" vote), but it does seem Arison is feeling the "Miami Vice" nostalgia, so ...

#TBT 25 yrs since MiamiVice next year will be 10 since ur @MiamiHEAT 1st Championship @DwyaneWade @SHAQ

A photo posted by Micky Arison (@mickyarison) on

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He went too soon: Darryl Dawkins, aka Chocolate Thunder, aka Dr. Dunk, died Thursday at age 58.

His combination of personality and backboard-shattering dunks made him a player no hoops fan could forget. So it's only natural that a social media outpouring followed the news, featuring current and former Philadelphia 76ers, big-time dunkers, other stars past and present, and even those who never played in the NBA:

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Ross Dzuris is hoping to make an impact on the football field this fall. His 2015 headshot is already changing the game.

Honestly, it's a shame a helmet will be covering up this magnificent mustache:

Facial hair is all the rage, so ingenious guys like Dzuris have stepped up their game -- some would say to the extreme -- to distance themselves from the rest of the bearded pack. We're not sure how Dzuris will play this season, but his mustache game is sure to put the field to shame.

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Nothing says "Happy 26th Birthday" quite like a yacht, Kanye West and the Kardashian-Jenner clan ... right? Right.

After much speculation and persistent rumors that Houston Rockets star James Harden is dating Khloe Kardashian (who was formerly married to Lamar Odom), the two added further fuel to the claims by ringing in The Beard's birthday together.

Even Yeezy was on hand at the star-studded affair, although it looks like he didn't exactly bring the energy we have grown accustomed to from the rapper:

Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian West, posted another picture where Harden was surrounded by all five of the sisters with the caption "Happy Birthday Jaaaaaaaames!!!!"

It seems likely that a spin-off reality show entitled "Keeping Up With The Hardashians" is inevitable. Just kidding ... but not really.

Kendall Jenner (the second youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan) also took to social media to acknowledge the occasion. She posted a photo of the NBA MVP candidate being goofy with party-goers:

last night =

A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

Yep, that is indeed a "Happy Birthday James/2015" watermark you see on that picture. From casual Chipotle dates in H-Town to watermarked photographs, things appear to be escalating quickly.

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Nothing eases the summer doldrums like the NBA's most-feared rapper (Lil B) proclaiming he will try out for a D-League team.

The season might still be months away, but the idea that Lil B aka The Based God could be suiting up for the Philadelphia 76ers' D-League affiliate makes us want to whip out the "cooking dance." Yeah, you know the one.

This isn't the all-powerful rapper's first foray into professional basketball (he tried out for the Golden State Warriors' D-League affiliate in 2012) but it could be his first time landing a roster spot.

On Wednesday, the Delaware 87ers reached out to Lil B with a tasteful invitation:

Which the rapper happily accepted:

To state the obvious, this is an incredibly risky move by the Philadelphia 76ers' organization. If they cut him, there will be consequences ... we're talking some serious Based God-style consequences. Has the NBA community learned nothing from James Harden and Kevin Durant's misfortunes?

On the other hand, maybe Lil B has serious skills on the court and the Sixers have made a brilliant move. Perhaps Lil B will suddenly propel himself into the superstar ranks as he curses his foes all the way into the playoffs.

Hey, crazier things have happened ... and he is the Based God.

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