Updated: Nov 28, 2005, 11:10 AM

Vote: Which teams would make a football playoff?

 Brady Quinn
Would Brady Quinn and the Irish make the field of eight?
What if Sunday was truly Selection Sunday in college football? What if instead of backroom deals and bowl invitations, eight teams got tickets punched for a winner-take-all playoff bracket?

With just one week of games remaining before BCS bids are officially handed out, plenty of intrigue remains on the college gridiron. Will the Fiesta Bowl snub Pac-10 pick Oregon and its 10-1 record in favor of Notre Dame or Ohio State? Will West Virginia hold on in the Big East and cash in on a big payday? But what if games, instead of politics, pollsters and permutations, settled matters once and for all?

Since the NCAA seems to have little interest in a tournament for college football, we're turning the selection process over to you, SportsNation. Which eight teams do you think would deserve to make the postseason field? Just check the boxes next to your eight picks and hit submit.



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