Updated: Aug 17, 2009, 2:26 PM

Vote: Which team will win it all?

Troy Polamalu Will the Steelers repeat?

The first games of the NFL preseason have been played, and fans already are back in top form. Wild optimism and premature pessimism abound, depending on how one's third-string quarterback performed against someone else's third-string defense. In a nation that has been starved for football for more than six months, such reactions are understandable.

It's never easy to predict standings this early. Even one injury can change the course of an entire season, as we saw with Tom Brady and the Patriots in 2008. We're asking you to look into your respective crystal balls, however, and come up with an answer -- if for no other reason than so we can make fun of you for being so wrong later on.

Which teams will end up at the top of the heap? Cast your vote now!



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