Updated: Aug 31, 2009, 4:22 PM

Vote: Which are football's best rivalries?

Cutler/Rodgers Are the Bears and Packers the NFC North's biggest rivals?

Rivalries in the National Football League are a special kind of intense. Because teams meet only a few times per season at most, all the emotion, history and competitive fire inherent in a good rivalry are compressed into a scant few hours on Sunday.

This year's rivalries are no less intense than those of years past. The AFC East is rife with possibilities, as a returning Tom Brady is certain to rankle a rejuvenated Dolphins squad and a rebuilding Jets team. One can be certain that the crowds in New York and Dallas will welcome Michael Vick to the NFC East with less-than-open arms. The Packers and Bears already are bitter rivals, but the addition of outspoken Jay Cutler could cause that competition to explode -- not to mention the fact that Brett Favre has added a third dimension to the conference by signing with Minnesota.

Which are the best rivalries in each division? Cast your vote now!



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