Updated: Apr 7, 2011, 5:53 PM

Vote: 2010-11 TrueHoop NBA Scrappers

Griffin Blake Griffin is certainly "dunk-y" but is he scrappy enough to make your team?

The basketball brains over at TrueHoop need your help, SportsNation. They want to put together the NBA all-scrappy team and they are putting it in your hands!

Some guys play too hard, approaching the point of insanity. They launch themselves around the court, centers of gravity fast and horizontal. They contest dunks, YouTube be damned. They reject your claim to that loose ball. They spill the drinks of the people sitting courtside, and sometimes the blood of those who come between them and the ball. This is what makes up a TrueHoop scrapper candidate.

Check out the ballot below and pick your starting five.



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