Chat with music star Boyd Tinsley

Welcome to The Show! On Tuesday afternoon, we'll bridge the gap between sports and music when Boyd Tinsley stops by to chat with SportsNation.

Tinsley gained fame as a member of the Dave Matthews Band, wowing fans with his amazing violin playing. Classically trained as a youth, Tinsley joined up with Matthews after being asked to play violin on "Tripping Billies" for an early demo tape. His extended solos are a staple of the live shows that made DMB a defining act of their generation.

Tinsley also knows a thing or two about sports and is adding his musical acumen to several projects for ESPN, including the theme music for this year's Wimbledon coverage.

Tinsley will stop by at 3:45 ET on Tuesday to talk about music, sports and much more, so send in your questions now and join us for the chat on Tuesday!

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