Chat with Fred Lynn

Welcome to The Show! On Thursday, former major league baseball player Fred Lynn will join us in chat.

Lynn, who spent the first seven seasons of his 17-year MLB career with the Boston Red Sox, will be joining his former team in a promotional campaign as a spokesman for the "Hebrew National Monster Dog" hot dog at Fenway Park. The Fenway Frank will share the field with the biggest premium quality kosher all-beef hot dog in all of Major League Baseball, weighing in at half a pound, measuring exactly nine inches long and made from the highest quality ingredients.

Lynn stormed into the majors in 1975, winning both the AL MVP and AL Rookie of the Year award, becoming the only player in MLB history to accomplish the feat. He hit .331 with 21 home runs and 105 RBI.

Send in your questions now and join Fred in The Show on Thursday at 2:30 p.m. ET!

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