Chat with Kelly Kulick

Welcome to The Show! On Tuesday, Kelly Kulick will join us to chat about becoming the first woman to bowl full-time on the Denny's PBA Tour.

Kulick averaged 224.04 in 45 games over five days to finish sixth in the 2006 Denny's PBA Tour Trials Sunday at Stardust Bowl I to earn one of 10 exemptions for the 2006-07 Denny's PBA Tour season.

The PBA opened its membership to women in April 2004 after the Professional Women's Bowlers Association (PWBA) folded. Kulick was the 2001 PWBA Rookie of the Year and won the 2003 Women's U.S. Open before the league folded.

Send in your questions for Kelly right now, then join her at 1 p.m. ET on Tuesday for her answers.

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