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Welcome to The Show! On Thursday, Atlanta Falcons linebacker Edgerton Hartwell joins us to chat.

In 2005, Hartwell finished his first season with the Falcons after sustaining an Achilles tendon injury during a Week 5 loss to the Patriots. During the off season, Hartwell stayed locally in Atlanta fully committed to his recovery process. He checked in with the Falcons doctors on a regular basis and also hired specialists to assure an early return to the football field. Hartwell credits his success to his Baltimore based trainer, Chris Endlich and to Atlanta's local specialist Dr. Hank "Mack" Sloan, of the Genesis Center. During the off season Hartwell committed to his rehab treatment five days a week sometimes more than three times a day.

Previous to playing for Atlanta, Hartwell played for the Baltimore Ravens, compiling 142 tackles in his second year in the league in 2002. In both 2002 and 2003, he recorded three sacks.

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