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Welcome to The Show! On Thursday, Jan. 4, we'll be making history here in SportsNation when Scouts Inc.'s Jeremy Green will attempt to break the all-time marathon chat record.

What is the record? SportsNation myths and legends abound around the offices here at in regards to marathon chats. The great Ralph Wiley once produced a chat for the ages. Another story circulates about Darren Dreifort chatting for close to four hours while in his room at spring training. Page 2's Scoop Jackson has repeatedly approached the two-hour mark and whenever his colleague, Bill Simmons, stops by, offices all across the nation cease productivity for a couple of hours. Boxing guru Dan Rafael routinely gives his fight freaks overtime in his chats. Even Jeremy Green has become known for his two-hour chats on Friday afternoons.

So, we decided to do extensive research to find the real answer. In the "modern era" of "The Show," Simmons owns a strong hold on the record. We have him in the books with a 3-hour, 59-minute chat.

However, after digging into the record books, we've found out we are fast approaching the 10-year anniversary of the all-time record when former LSU basketball coach Dale Brown produced a 4-hour, 30-minute chat on March 12, 1997 while doing some analysis for ESPN during college basketball's postseason.

So, on Thursday, Jeremy will attempt to break Simmons' modern record as well as Brown's all-time record. Join us for this historic day in SportsNation. History starts at noon ET.

Be sure to check out Jeremy's latest podcast: How to fix the Bucs and Lions, and why the AFC is better than the NFC.

Current record holder Dale Brown chatted earlier Thursday.

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