Chat with Dominic Raynor

On Wednesday, March 14, Dominic Raynor will take your questions about all the latest soccer news.

Dominic has been at Soccernet for half its life, and it sometimes feels like half of his, and has seen World Cups and European Championships come and go - with England failing to win every time.

As a former England manager himself (okay, only in Football Manager) the disappointment of the national team's failure has hardened the man so much that he is prepared to put himself in the line of fire and answer your often bizarre questions.

But bear in mind his dealings with the longstanding Correspondents section of the site has also exposed him to the vitriolic and excitable views from some of the most biased fans around the do your worst.

Dominic will chat on Wednesday at 4pm GMT (10am ET). Feel free to drop him some questions now and we'll save them for his arrival.

This chat is exclusive to ESPN Insiders