Chat with DeShawn Wynn

Wynn helped Florida to a 2007 BCS national title.
Welcome to The Show! On Thursday, NFL prospect and former Florida running back DeShawn Wynn will stop by to chat about the NFL draft.'s Scouts Inc. has evaluated every player in the draft and this is what they say about Wynn: "Wynn has the size, power and agility to make an impact in the NFL. It looked as if the 'light was coming on' early in his senior season but a lingering knee injury prevented him from finally reaching his full potential. There are also red flags regarding his durability, immaturity and work ethic that will cause him to slip in the 2007 draft. Wynn is too much of a risk to draft on the first day but he should come off the board shortly thereafter.''

Send in your questions now, then join Wynn on Thursday at 2:30 p.m. ET!

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