"Your Take" with Amy Nelson

Welcome to The Show! On Wednesday, ESPN2's morning show, "First Take," will introduce a new element - "Your Take" where you, the fans, will have the opportunity to chat during the show! First Take airs on ESPN2 Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to noon ET. Dana Jacobson and Jay Crawford regularly host the show, while Sage Steele provides the SportsCenter updates.

ESPN.com's Amy Nelson will host "Your Take," the live in-show chat, where your comments will be featured. You'll have the opportunity to voice your opinions on the show's hot topics, especially those featured in the First and 10 segments, where 10 big stories are debated.

Some of the stories First Take will be addressing on Wednesday include:

  • Is Pacman Jones' suspension (through the 2007 season) fair?
  • Who needs the Kobe trade more: Chicago, or Los Angeles?
  • Will MLB ever use instant replay for home run calls?
  • Is Miguel Cabrera worth the risk?
  • The Lions are 6-2 now. Will they make the playoffs?
  • Will these teams (Redskins, Vikings, Panthers, Saints) make the playoffs?
  • What grade would you give LeBron's supporting cast?
  • What is your reaction to Curt Schilling's deal?
  • Which player on the Gold Glove list should not have won?

    Have you ever wanted to voice your thoughts on any of the First and 10 topics? Did you ever want to sound off against Skip Bayless? This is the place that you can do both and much more! Just join the chat!

    Amy will be by at 10 a.m. ET on Wednesday but you can send your comments about all the latest news and sports happenings now!

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