Chat with Major League Gamer Legit

Welcome to The Show! On Friday, Major League Gaming player Legit, or Bryan Rizzo, will stop by to chat about his experience in the MLG.

Rizzo is a member of the professional gaming team, Str8 Rippin. He began his career as an amateur free-for-fall Halo 2 competitor and is now considered one of the best slayers in Major League Gaming. Legit's innate talent helped his team win a key tournament over the number one ranked Final Boss in his home state of Florida and boosted Str8 Rippin to an overall 3rd place finish in the 2007 season. His incredible skills have earned him notable achievements such as MVP of MLG Dallas 2007 and a feature in the biography, "Legit: The Rise of a Cyber Athlete," which was published in fall 2007.

Send your questions for Legit now and join The Show at 4 p.m. ET to chat with him on Friday!

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