Scouts, Inc's Monday Breakdown - NFC

Welcome to The Show! On Monday, we'll debut a special weekly chat breaking down every NFL division with the experts from Scouts Inc.

We'll hit on every team in the division (yes, even the 49ers will get a mention) so get your questions ready. We'll talk AFC from noon - 2 ET, then NFC from 2-4 ET.

Here's the NFC lineup. Send in your questions now, then join the experts on Monday for all the answers!

2 ET -- NFC East with Jeremy Green
Dallas, New York Giants, Philadelphia, Washington

2:30 ET -- NFC North with Matt Williamson
Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, Minnesota

3 ET -- NFC South with Steve Muench
Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans, Tampa Bay

3:30 ET -- NFC West with Steve Muench
Arizona, St. Louis, San Francisco, Seattle

  • Click here for the AFC chat, (noon - 2 ET)!

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