You mentioned how the Cubs will most likely wait for a bit to call up Kris Bryant to gain an extra year of control on him. Does the same apply to Javier Baez?

-- Patrick (WI)
Jesse Rogers

I don't believe so. There is only so much you can do to hold a player back. He's moved up the system the way they wanted. Rebounded from a tough start and I just don't see the contract being an issue in the years to come like it might be for Bryant. The Cubs can still say this is Bryant's first full year, he's had a promotion already, etc. It's juts Baez' "turn" right now even though an easier case can be made for Bryant. It's more complicated than that with Baez being the bread winner in his family, Bryant's agent is Boras, etc. Mid-April for Bryant (or after) unless I'm very wrong.

-- Jesse Rogers, Chicago Cubs beat writer


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