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The Inaugural Class

You selected five candidates for the first class of the ESPN Chicago Hall of Fame.

Our expert panel of Melissa Isaacson, Marc Silverman, Michael Wilbon and Gene Wojciechowski pared down Chicago's greatest athletes of all time to 20 nominees for the inaugural class of five. Check out our panel's picks and join in the discussion.

So who made it? Check out the the first class.

Note: If they're still active, they weren't eligible.

Discuss! See any glaring ommissions?
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Isaacson defends her picks: On the clock Video
Silverman defends his picks: On the clock Video
Wilbon defends his picks: On the clock Video
Wojciechowski defends his picks: On the clock Video

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Meet the panel


How do you possibly cull from the wide-ranging history of Chicago athletics just 20 finalists for the inaugural class of the ESPN Chicago Hall of Fame?

You select insiders closely tied to the fabric of the local sports scene ... and let them do the heavy lifting.

Here are our picks for the picks:

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