Sometimes, it's necessary to do the "Whip" and "Nae Nae" no matter what you're in the middle of, right?

These 'Mighty Mites' teams from Milford, Massachusetts were scrimmaging at halftime of a high school varstiy game. When Silento's hit song "Watch Me Whip" came on, many of the players proceeded to stop what they were doing and dance ... while the rest of their teammates continued to play.

It might be the best thing you'll see all day:

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One day after his brother, Martellus Bennett, made a rather outlandish comment about Jay Cutler, Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett might have one-upped him.

After his team's controversial win over the Detroit Lions, Bennett went in on opposing quarterback Matthew Stafford ... in a rather odd way.

Now, we've heard quite a few JFK conspiracy theories over the years, but bringing in someone who was nearly 25 years from being born is a new one.

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Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon went 3-for-4 on the final day of the MLB season to narrowly edge Nationals right fielder Bryce Harper for the NL batting title.

After accomplishing such a feat, one can expect an outpouring of praise and adulation from fans, friends, family and peers. Unless those folks have the wrong number.

A flurry of congratulatory messages were texted to Gordon in the wake of his feat -- only he didn't receive several of them because they were sent to his old number. Instead, Joe Adel received those messages and shared them in a tweet to Gordon: "I think I have your old cell phone # n people are giving you love and your not receiving it. Congrats man"

Dee Gordon@JoeAdel21

Adel is a former pitcher for the USF baseball team so he's probably used to some celebrity. But nothing can prepare you for having a pro athlete's following.

Here's hoping Adel has unlimited text messages.

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Is Jay Cutler criticized too much?

After Chicago's oft-maligned quarterback delivered a gritty come-from-behind win over the Raiders on Sunday, that question was posed to Bears tight end Martellus Bennett.

It's safe to say the tongue-in-cheek Bennett is having some fun here, but what an answer.

The quotes predictably earned some laughs and retweets on Twitter, and good on Chicago Sun-Times reporter Patrick Finley for posing the question to Bennett -- the self-proclaimed "black unicorn" -- who's always a good quote.

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Inside Alfred Morris' unusual "stadium fam"

October 2, 2015

In a league that has increasingly devalued three-down, do-it-all running backs, Alfred Morris is an outlier. He can bruise inside, speed to the corner, catch, block, and make Pro Bowl selections look easy.

So one would be forgiven for thinking Morris, in his fourth year as Washington's bellcow, believes he deserves a little preferential treatment.

Not so.

In a warm, revealing blog for the Washington Post, Dan Steinberg discusses Morris' unique pregame routine, one that has made him a local favorite in and around FedEx Field. Before each home game, the running back gathers with stadium ushers and security guards in the corner of an end zone and just, well, talks to them.

Here's Steinberg:

He calls them "my Stadium Fam," and if you think there isn't peace and happiness at FedEx Field on fall Sundays, you've never observed these 20-minute sessions, which start with laughter and end with a prayer.

It sounds silly: work chit-chat like this is newsworthy? But on the Mount Olympus where successful, talented NFL players reside, the bond that Morris shares in these meetings, which he's joined since his rookie year, are rare.

"My first reaction was, 'Dang, this is Alfred Morris.' You know what I'm saying?" one stadium attendant is quoted as saying. "But seeing how cool and relaxed he was in talking to us, it made us feel cool and relaxed and easy talking to him."

It's not Morris' only humble quirk. He also cruises around in a restored 1991 Mazda he calls Bentley:

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