Remember when Metta World Peace was named Ron Artest, played in the NBA and did reasonably logical things? Well, maybe not that last part. But those were simpler times.

Now World Peace, who begins his first season with the Sichuan Blue Whales of the Chinese Basketball Association in November, is planning to go by "The Pandas Friend" and wear shoes that are, ummm, just take a look for yourself:

Metta World Peace Panda Shoes Instagram @realtalkwithmwp

The unique sneaks are a cheaper version of designer Jeremy Scott's $200 Adidas shoes, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell. The creatures are more teddy bear than panda bear, and reports originally suggested that the stuffed head was detachable.

But fear not, friends, World Peace has cleared all that up:

Where can you get these dad shoe-meets-nursery gems? World Peace says they will be available on by Tuesday. No word on whether mesmerizing your opponents with adorable stuffed animals on your sneakers will prove more effective than the jump-enhancing type popular in the late 1990s (aka Jimmy's training shoes from "Seinfeld").

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Some of us know what it's like to live in the land of your favorite team's rivals.

One of those people is 11-year-old Harrison Gomes, who resides in Orange County -- not far from Angel Stadium of Anaheim -- yet loves him some Oakland A's.

So, with his birthday on Tuesday and the A's facing the Angels in Oakland, Gomes decided to write a letter to general manager Billy Beane asking for a special birthday present: a win.

Awwww. Even an Angels fan would find that adorable (don't ask us how we know).

And hey: It appears at least some members of the A's saw it before game time.

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After the Wallkill (New York) Mighty Mites, a youth football team featuring players ages 6 and 7, won their first home game this season 24-0, it was the perfect time for a celebratory exit.

So the team charged toward a banner and ... oh, no. That can't be what they had in mind.


Don't worry, kids. Even though you basically recreated the most iconic scene from Little Giants, we're not laughing at you -- we're laughing with you (while remembering all those times we fell down ... ouch).

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Aaron Rodgers: mustache connoisseur, discount double-checker and generally good dude. Here's your latest example of the latter: The Packers quarterback tagged along with 11-year-old Annie Bartosz as she went door-to-door raising awareness for her pediatric cancer initiative, Gold In September.

Since Annie lost her twin brother, Jack, to pediatric cancer in 2012, she's been trying to make the color gold synonymous with September -- and she's found a supporter in Rodgers.

Here's hoping he's just the beginning.

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It's Monday. You don't have to be Garfield to hate Mondays.

But if you watch this video, there's a chance you won't hate this Monday. Or anything, really. Because in a postgame interview with Time Warner Cable News Austin reporter Lauren Mickler -- after his East View (Georgetown, Texas) Patriots overcame a 14-point halftime deficit to beat the Vandegrift Vipers 42-41 -- senior Apollos Hester told the world how to overcome, well, any obstacle ever.


But wait, there's more. It appears Friday was not Hester's motivational-speaking debut; he posted this video to YouTube in early August:

You might not play the same sport as Hester. You might not share his spiritual views. But man, it's hard not to be at least a little caught up in his infectious spirit.

We'll probably be watching these again.

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