When opposing centers faced Shaquille O'Neal during the Big Diesel's illustrious career, certain outcomes were virtually inevitable:

  • Defender gets out-muscled
  • Gets scored on, repeatedly
  • Gets dunked on, ends up on SportsCenter
  • Grabs a seat on the bench with foul trouble
  • Has ego bruised
  • Rinse and repeat

  • That list may someday prove to be even longer for future opponents of O'Neal's son, Shareef. A recent youth basketball tournament in Houston illustrates our point:

    While he's only a freshman, the versatile 6-foot-8 wing appears to be equipped with an expanding toolbox of skills -- judging by his outside touch, he might be a better free throw shooter than his pops -- which make him a nightmare matchup for his peers.

    Oh, and to make matters worse, "Medium Diesel" has some of his dad's physical presence on the block and penchant for two-handed crams to boot.

    That size and those genes -- yeah, have fun trying to guard that, kids.

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    Chris Bosh appeared in the TNT studio during Tuesday night's NBA games, sitting in Shaquille O'Neal's chair.

    Then, at halftime of the Chicago Bulls-Cleveland Cavaliers' game, Shaq sent out a tweet that can only be described as "peak Shaq."

    Oh, Chris Bosh responded:

    NBA stars are 10 years old.

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    We might have some new NBA playoffs bulletin-board material! At least, if the Cleveland Cavaliers and Washington Wizards meet in the Eastern Conference finals.

    It comes from Game 4 between the Wizards and the Atlanta Hawks, in which Washington star John Wall sat out with a wrist injury, and wore this number:

    John WallNed Dishman/NBAE/Getty Images

    Loud, yes. But hey, it's the NBA, where we've come to expect such a thing. Bold is beautiful, so live and let live -- oh wait.

    Insert blushing, bulging-eyed emoji here.

    Now, we're no fashion experts. So we're just going to leave this here and let you decide whether the Cavs sharpshooter has any room to speak.

    H/T For the Win

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    The punishment is here. For the Deflategate scandal, the NFL is suspending Tom Brady four games, while fining the New England Patriots $1 million and docking them two draft picks (a first-rounder in 2016, a fourth-rounder in 2017).

    Naturally, NFL players current and former had some thoughts.

    His teammates were not happy:

    Patrick Chung@PatrickChung23/Twitter

    Others reacted with a mixture of surprise and outrage:

    While some felt it was the right call, or at least the cost of doing business:

    Our own Damien Woody? Fresh off a debate on our airwaves with former teammate and ESPN colleague Tedy Bruschi, the ex-Patriot simply posted this:

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    During Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinal series between the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers, Dwight Howard hit Blake Griffin with a rather intense foul. Was it over the line?

    The SportsNation crew discusses:


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