Brandon Armstrong has made a name for himself over the past few weeks with impressions of Russell Westbrook, Kobe Bryant, James Harden and more.

Referee Joey Crawford is, shall we say, a character; he once was suspended by the league after a puzzling ejection of Tim Duncan.

So it was only a matter of time before he spoofed Crawford.

Best part: "What you so happy for?" followed by a technical.

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First he imitated Kobe Bryant ... by traveling.

Then, on Thursday, new Los Angeles Lakers guard D'Angelo Russell did Kobe like this:

All right, all right, we're almost certainly exaggerating. The Kobe move was all in good fun. Meanwhile this could be interpreted in multiple ways: 1) simply enthusiastic hyperbole from someone who was just watching impressive Tracy McGrady highlights; 2) a lamentation of the injuries that kept McGrady from reaching his heights; or 3) OMG Russell thinks McGrady was better than Kobe!

We're guessing it's a mix of 1 and 2; after all, who hasn't tweeted outrageous things based on a single moment/video, and who doesn't wish McGrady had been able to fulfill his potential?

But hey, this is the Lakers and this is Kobe, so it's fun to imagine his locker-room reaction to the No. 2 overall pick's offseason shenanigans.

Or, before then, he could just shut it down with:

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Even the very best get confused.

Case in point: Here is Russell Westbrook, absolutely one of the NBA's top players, completely botching a drill (according to the tweeter, "two dribbles to score" -- as in, he's supposed to score here in two dribbles or less).

LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony's reactions were wonderful. But let's not ignore Westbrook, who often comes off as impossibly serious, being able to laugh at himself. And it's not the first such instance this summer.

Good times.

H/T Bleacher Report

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Ronda Rousey versus Floyd Mayweather.

Between Rousey's words and Conor McGregor's, it is the talk of the MMA/boxing Internet. And while it probably won't ever happen, it's still a subject many fans have opinions on.

And those opinions, at least through a little more than 10,000 votes on a SportsNation poll, seem to lean in one direction:


Now, this is still a reasonably small sample. And the vote is not over. Do you agree with the way SportsNation is leaning?

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Mayweather/McGregorGetty Image, AP Photo

Floyd Mayweather might be unbeaten, but a pair of famous UFC fighters think they could take him in mixed martial arts.

Women's bantamweight champion/biggest star in the sport Ronda Rousey on Monday said she'd beat Mayweather in a no-rules fight.

Interim featherweight champion Conor McGregor agrees, and thinks he'd win too.

As told to The Guardian:

"Yeah, [he would beat me in boxing]. But in a real fight I would dismantle him in seconds. Ronda would dismantle him in seconds -- 100 percent. When you don't know how to grapple you don't stand a chance. For us, it's like playing with a baby. People who don't understand the sport cannot understand how vulnerable they are. There are always clinches, and Ronda is a judo Olympian. She would throw Floyd on his head in a second. Me? I would knock him out. Cold."

Read more about McGregor, perhaps UFC's most famous male fighter, in The Guardian.

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