Are you the friend everyone looks to when a sports question pops up at bar trivia? Do categories like "The Preamble to the Constitution" or "Herbs and Spices" hurt your brain? Then "Jeopardy!" has just the category for you! On Monday, the long-standing quiz show jumped from a first round of "Curry Dishes" to a Double Jeopardy! feast of "Steph Curry Dishes":

We're serving up STEPH CURRY DISHES today on J!

Posted by Jeopardy! on Monday, October 26, 2015

Mr. Trebek really loved the cleverness of that. And hey, ESPN made the board:

Golden State WarriorsJeopardy!

(What is THIS, Alex!)

Anyway, if you're reading this, you'll probably find the rest of the questions to be extremely easy. But take a look anyway:

  • "When Steph is making an assist, aka 'dropping' this coin, he's dishing it to someone else for the score."

  • "If Steph dishes out 10 assists along with 10 points and 10 rebounds in a game, he achieves this coveted feat."

  • "One of Steph's best dishes at the 2015 All-Star Game was to this Mavericks big man, aka the Dunking Deutschman."

  • "Steph dished and dealt in the NCAA, leading this southern state's Davidson College to the Elite Eight."

  • Answers: Dime, triple-double, Dirk Nowitzki, North Carolina.

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Phil Jackson's influence on the NBA continues, and not just with the New York Knicks.

Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers joined Twitter on Monday, and we have the Zen Master to thank for it.

That was Rivers' first tweet. As of 7:30 p.m. local time, he hadn't shared any other thoughts, submitted a late entry into the DeAndre Jordan emoji battle, nor sent a tweet to @warriors reading something like "hey u got lucky last year." (Kidding! We know that's not exactly what Rivers said.)

But we are expecting big things from Rivers on the 140-character (for now) website, as he has long been one of the best quotes across all sports.

While we wait, it's time to dream about who might be next.

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The NBA lost a class act in Flip Saunders, who died of cancer Sunday at age 60, and the outpouring of support in the wake of his death demonstrates just how much the Timberwolves coach will be missed. Kevin Garnett, who started his career in Minnesota with Saunders, posted this moving image:

Saunders touched countless other players throughout his 35-year career, and many took to social media to express their gratitude.

R.i.p Flip Sanders. You will be truly missed . =O< Still cannot believe it.

A photo posted by Richard Hamilton (@ripcity3232) on

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Sportsmanship is a tricky thing, but for Zach Hougland of Davis County (Iowa) High School, the choice to help a fellow runner who had collapsed trying to cross the finish line at a local meet seemed pretty straightforward. Hougland had already become cross country district champion when he saw Garrett Hinson, from Mediapolis High School, on the ground only a few meters from the finish.

So Hougland went and picked him up -- and helped him complete the race:

Unfortunately for Hougland, helping a runner is considered a violation. Both he and Hinson were disqualified. Davis County still qualified for the state championships, and Hougland said he "... wouldn't change a thing because I did what I thought was right."

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With the NBA preseason nearly done but still time to kill before the first official tipoff, NBA players are now turning their minds to the important questions.


Our money would be on the 37-year-old German, whose sport forces him to run more than the 39-year-old Denver Broncos quarterback.

And we just might get to find out! Or at least Chandler Parsons and Von Miller are trying to make it so:

H/T SB Nation

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