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The best saves of the night in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals might have gone to Rob Scuderi, a veteran defenseman whose one goal in 23 playoff games this season actually puts him ahead of his career scoring pace (three goals in 300 regular-season games). But despite coming to the aid of his goalie with three stops in the final 30 seconds of the Penguins' 2-1 win, Long Island's own will yield the battle of the crease back to goalies Marc-Andre Fleury and Chris Osgood in Game 7.

A slim majority of voters think the Penguins will win on the road in Game 7 (although if you take votes from Pennsylvania and Michigan out of the equation, it's a 50-50 split). But do the Wings have the edge in net?


Ozzie kept the score the way it was with some great saves. He is on his game right now ... wish everyone else was too last night. I think the Wings played a really good game last night. The Pens played really tough defense and rolled with the punches really well. Home ice really has been the difference for them.

-- GoWings2008

I think MAF has played very well at home. Stoning Cleary last night on the breakaway was awesome. He plays rock solid when he HAS to, but has been iffy when the game isn't on the line. I'm optimistic about Friday night because it's all on the line, but a little worried because the Joe has been his Kryptonite (3, 3, and 5 goals in 3 games).

-- PGHCap1116

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Last month we asked you which sport produced the best Game 7s. Most of SportsNation said the NBA, except for (interestingly enough) Pennsylvania and Michigan, which said they would take a Game 7 hockey match over basketball any day. Well Pennsylvania and Michigan -- wish granted! After a thrilling do-or-die Game 6 in Pittsburgh, the Penguins have kept this series alive and forced a Game 7 back in Detroit.

Now, if you can contain yourself from so much excitement in one blog post, hockey fans, we'd love to know which team you think will raise Lord Stanley's Cup this Friday.

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If anyone in Pittsbugh woke up to the sounds of Sonny and Cher on the radio, be afraid. Be very afraid. Just as Bill Murray's character in "Groundhog Day" is a Pittsburgh weatherman, fans in the Steel City should have their own uneasy familiarity with the scenario for Game 6 against the Red Wings tonight. One year ago, with a chance to send the series back to Detroit for a seventh game, the Penguins fell behind early and watched the Red Wings skate with the Cup. Will this year be a repeat?


I like it to end tonight. I think that game 5 will just be too much mentally for a younger, more immature Pens team. And Dats made an immediate impact in his return. Hard to pick against the Wings.

-- WingsOverAvs

It is that time of year. It is time for a statement game. It is time for us to show them who should be winning the Stanley Cup. I get told left and right that we are toast. That we can't win the series. I disagree. The Redwings put up their best performance on Saturday, not because they were any better than usual, but because we handed the game to them. You will not get that again.

-- Toad268

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