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We're only a week away from life once again having purpose and meaning. That's right, college football season is a mere seven days away -- or 168 hours or 10,080 minutes, assuming you read this at precisely 6:30 p.m. ET, the time Wake Forest and Presbyterian are scheduled to kick off on Sept. 2 (live on

It may not take long for both the Heisman and national title races to kick into gear either. Boise State and Virginia Tech are getting a lot of love for their Labor Day clash, but next Thursday brings Pitt and star running back Dion Lewis playing on the road at Utah.

But is Lewis even the best back in a conference Big East blogger Brian Bennett says may offer unparalleled depth at the position? Check out the tale of the tape.

hh (Destin)

Is Running Back the deepest position in the Big East this year?

Big East blogger Brian Bennett
Brian Bennett

Far and away. Not sure there's a better RB league in the country in '10. Full transcript

Submarine Mike (Jackosnville Fl)

Is Noel Devine a sleeper in the Heisman race and is he a possible late 1st rounder

Mel Kiper
Mel Kiper

I think he is a Heisman candidate. I don't think he's a sleeper. He commands leadership in the lockerroom. He has that explosive first step. Pound for pound, he's the best football player in the country. This is a team that has a chance to win the Big East. Geno Smith is the key. He is the next QB in line. If you look at the defense, all three DL are seniors. The defense would be really good. They have two studs on this defense in Chris Neild and Robert Sands, who is clearly their best NFL prospect. Full transcript

Lynn (Monticello, FL)

Hi Ivan, I like Pitt to win the Big East this season and looking at their schedule I feel they could run the table at having a shot at the National Championship. Your thoughts.

Ivan Maisel
Ivan Maisel

I agree on both counts. The Panthers are ranked high enough at the outset that a climb to the top is plausible. That would be a great story. I pull for the great stories. Full transcript

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Rushing for 1,000 yards as a college player is noteworthy. Doing it twice puts you in a category all your own. In the Big East, 14 workhorses have achieved such a feat and one-third of them come from West Virginia. Put on your college football thinking caps and see if you can name them all by taking the quiz below.

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It won't be an easy weekend for BCS Cinderellas, even though they're all playing at home. Cincinnati faces No. 25 West Virginia, TCU gets the pressure of GameDay and No. 16 Utah, and Boise State deals with a surprising 7-3 Idaho (and a visiting AD who doesn't like to fly on planes with Broncos markings).

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USC fans still have BCS hope, but know their team can't lose again. Boise State, Cincinnati and Iowa fans wonder what more their teams can do, besides pray for a loss by one of the top 3.

Now that Ohio State has two losses SportsNation thinks Ohio State is using Terrelle Pryor incorrectly. Fans, however, still think Sam Bradford is a first-round pick.

Florida State kicked off Week 8 with a needed win, and Alabama, Florida and Texas face opponents they shouldn't overlook.

Beano Cook

Mark Ingram is a good reason for [Alabama's] passing to be less of a factor. Wait until next year for any shot of a Vols upset.

-- Beano Cook

I pick Florida to win this game, but to be seen as legitimately No. 1, the Gators should win convincingly, even more so than against Arkansas.

-- IdahoanTyke

My ranking: 1. Iowa; 2. Florida; 3. Alabama; 4. Texas; 5. Virginia Tech; 6. TCU; 7. Boise State; 8. USC; 9. Oregon; 10. LSU.

-- CheezusCrust

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video's college football writers and bloggers will be going conference by conference in the coming weeks to preview the season ahead, and we're looking for your rankings along the way. Things roll on with the Big East, where blogger Brian Bennett's rankings suggest good things for fans in New Jersey and hope for the reloading West Virginia Mountaineers.

1. Rutgers
2. Pittsburgh
3. West Virginia
T-4. Cincinnati
T-4. South Florida
Check out Bennett's complete Big East rankings.

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