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Game 7s in the NHL

The NHL playoffs have featured a fair number of Game 7s this season, with two more this week heading into the Western Conference finals. The Sharks take on the Kings in Los Angeles after forcing a Game 7, while the Blackhawks edged out a win in Detroit to take the Red Wings to the brink. Which teams will prevail? Has the NHL's postseason been better than the NBA's?

  • Which team will win Game 7 of the Blackhawks-Red Wings Western Conference semifinals?


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  • Which league has the best Game 7s?


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  • Which team are you rooting for in Kings-Sharks Game 7?


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  • Which postseason has been more exciting so far?


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NHL Playoffs: Disallowed goal

Two goals in a quick 31 seconds proved to be the difference in the Detroit Red Wings' 3-1 win over the Chicago Blackhawks in Game 3 of their second round series. However, a disallowed Blackhawks goal could have tied the game at 2, possibly changing the final outcome. Did the refs get the call right? And who wins Game 4?

Did officials make the right call in disallowing a Blackhawks goal due to interference of the goaltender in Game 3 of the Blackhawks-Red Wings series?


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  • Which team will win Game 4 of the Blackhawks-Red Wings series in Detroit?


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  • Which team will win the Blackhawks-Red Wings second-round playoff series? (Red Wings lead 2-1)


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How do you judge a Bruins team that found itself down three goals in the third period of a Game 7 only to win in overtime? That's just one of the challenges you face below. Click on the images of the eight teams remaining in the quest for Lord Stanley's Cup to set your power rankings heading into the next round.

Rank: NHL conference semifinalists






Red Wings



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We can understand if you don't want to take the time to grade your tech-support help on the other end of the telephone, but when we're talking about the dollars and emotion you've invested in sports, we think it's worth the effort. It's time for ESPN The Magazine's Ultimate Standings, in which SportsNation grades organizations on everything from ticket prices and stadium experience to the talent on the field, court or rink. Which team will end up on top this year? It depends on what you say.

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2010 MLB Ultimate Standings
1. Los Angeles Angels (Overall: No. 3)
2. Tampa Bay Rays (Overall: No. 6)
3. Colorado Rockies (Overall: No. 13)
4. Minnesota Twins (Overall: No. 14)
5. Atlanta Braves (Overall: No. 15)

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1. New Orleans Saints (Overall: No. 1)
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5. Baltimore Ravens (Overall: No. 20)

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1. Orlando Magic (Overall: No. 2)
2. San Antonio Spurs (Overall: No. 7)
3. Cleveland Cavaliers (Overall: No. 10)
4. Dallas Mavericks (Overall: No. 24)
5. Oklahoma City Thunder (Overall: No. 25)

Take part in the 2011 NHL survey
2010 NHL Ultimate Standings
1. Pittsburgh Penguins (Overall: No. 5)
2. Detroit Red Wings (Overall: No. 8)
3. Washington Capitals (Overall: No. 11)
4. San Jose Sharks (Overall: No. 12)
5. Chicago Blackhawks (Overall: No. 16)

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What says postseason hockey like Phoenix and the Potomac? All right, maybe the Game 7 settings are slightly off, especially considering teams from traditional hockey holy sites Detroit and Montreal are involved, but we've got a pair of decisive games to savor in the span of 24 hours. Tuesday night brings the Red Wings visiting the Coyotes, and the Canadiens take on the Capitals a night later.

Given how littered the NHL's postseason history is with No. 1 and No. 2 seeds going down to defeat in the first round (you have to look all the way back to, oh, last season for the eighth-seeded Ducks knocking off the top-seeded Sharks), a loss at home by the Capitals might not be historic. But it would be a colossal collapse from a team that held a 3-1 lead against the Canadiens and further evidence that there may be no force in sports quite so powerful as a red-hot goalie, in this case Jaroslav Halak.


Can't believe this series is going to a 7th game. ... The Coyotes were on a mission from the start, but the short-handed goal really got things going. I'll be there, I've always wanted to go to a playoff 7th game.

-- LeoPolk

Gonna be interesting to see if the Russians show up for this one. I think the Habs will win because of Halak.

-- itsfeedingtime

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