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It's never a good sign when your franchise quarterback is benched for Kyle Orton. Admittedly, by that point in the Cowboys' loss to the Bears, the game was well out of hand, but it's still a bad look. Tony Romo's first half was decent enough, but things fell apart in the second -- he totaled five interceptions on the night and destroyed any chances the Cowboys had of coming back. You have to expect these types of games from Romo every once in a while, but we doubt that Jerry Jones is that patient. A bad game is a bad game, but five interceptions is a total disaster.

Romo's quality?

Tony Romo has occasionally inched his way into the discussion of the top quarterbacks in the league, but this game gives him a long way to go to get back to elite status.


What better describes Tony Romo?


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Bryant's fault?

Dez Bryant is the Cowboys' star receiver, but his main contribution to last night's game was dropped passes and badly run routes.


What is Dez Bryant to the Cowboys?


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On Tuesday, "First Take" debated Tony Romo standing up for Dez Bryant after Bryant's alleged fight with his mother. Stephen A. Smith thinks Romo is being a bit irresponsible in defending a man accused of such a crime, while Skip Bayless thinks it's good Romo is standing up for his teammates, so long as they're not actually proven guilty yet. What's your take?

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Dez Bryant's alleged assault of his mother is just the latest in a long line of off-field incidents involving NFL players. Should the Cowboys cut ties with Bryant?

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At least Roy Williams didn't invite Wade Phillips. After finally getting a win, the Cowboys coach might have had his appetite back. But Phillips aside, Cowboys rookie receiver Dez Bryant is carrying a much lighter wallet as payback for not wanting to carry shoulder pads in training camp, stuck with a dinner tab of nearly $55,000 after Williams invited the team's defense to join the offense at a local steakhouse.

Needless to say, a check that size is the kind of thing that gets people talking, more than 1,000 people in the comments on the original story. There seem to be three basic arguments, as laid out by ESPN Dallas commenters below. Which do you think is the truth?

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell proved he's willing to hand out discipline to star quarterbacks on equal footing with gridiron grunts, but does stupidity in personal conduct extend to front-office officials and what comes out of their mouths in draft interviews?

If it wasn't quite so absurdly demeaning and out of line, Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland's question to former Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant during a pre-draft interview might seem like something out of a Monty Python movie. But really, there's not a heck of a lot of humor to be found in asking a guy if his mother was a prostitute.

Ireland has since apologized to Bryant, who was selected in the first round by the Cowboys, but is that enough? On Tuesday's "Pardon the Interruption" Michael Wilbon said the question was typical of the "arrogance" shown by NFL entities. But should Goodell step in with at least a slap on the wrist?

trueblue82 (dallas texas)

i think the media's making the off the field issuses about Dez Bryant bigger then they seam hes never been arrested remember randy moss had more off the field issuses then him when he was drafted as a rookie in 1998 and look were hes at in his carrer

ESPN Dallas' Tim MacMahon
Tim MacMahon

Oklahoma State WR coach Gunter Brewer told me that Bryant is a good kid whose heart in the right place, but he needs to be treated like a person, not a piece of meat. Cowboys WR coach Ray Sherman is great at building relationships with his players, so Bryant landed in a good spot. Brewer said Bryant doesn't have character issues. He has "life skills issue," the result of a difficult childhood. He has to grow up. Showing up late to meetings won't work in the NFL. Full transcript


I give him credit for not swinging at him, but I also would have given him credit for swinging at him if that was what he chose to do.

-- Founck

Future draft picks get asked tough questions all the time. Dez Bryant did a good job by just answering. Jeff Ireland job is to ask the tough question to evaluate character, Thats why he gets paid the big bucks. Go Dolphin!

-- jr91182alonso

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