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Lebron James & Carmelo AnthonyDavid Richard/USA TODAY Sports

Carmelo Anthony started to get a little wistful Wednesday morning while talking about ex-teammates Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith.

"It seems like LeBron [James] took all my family from me," he said hours before the Knicks-Cavs game.

It was a funny line in a light-hearted moment from Anthony.

But he has a genuine bond with Shumpert and Smith, who were traded to James' Cavaliers last January.

Anthony watched both players -- and his buddy LeBron -- with the pride of an older brother during the NBA Finals last season.

"It was more kind of [like] seeing your family out there than anything," he said. "I didn't watch it kind of from a competitive standpoint. I watched two guys -- J.R., I've known him, I've been with him for almost 10 years; Shump is a guy who came in and was kind of a little brother to me; and of course LeBron, who I've been with, kind of connected to since high school. So to see all three of those guys competing at that level, it was more watching my family out there."

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'Sports are boring' -- Gregg Popovich

November 2, 2015
Gregg PopovichMark L. Baer/USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Royals closed out their World Series win over the New York Mets on Sunday night, coming back from 2-0 down in the ninth inning and winning 7-2 in 12.

So, with the San Antonio Spurs in NYC to play the New York Knicks on Monday, coach Gregg Popovich was asked if he watched Game 5.

No he didn't.

"If it's nighttime, it's dinnertime. Dinner and wine. No baseball, no football, sports are boring. I'm serious. You think I'm being funny. Why would I want to watch a baseball game when I could go to dinner and relax with friends and enjoy it?"

Classic Pop.

ESPN Knicks reporter Ian Begley contributed to this report.

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Late last season and into the playoffs, Hall of Famer and TNT analyst Charles Barkley insisted the Golden State Warriors couldn't win the title.

"I don't like jump-shooting teams," he said in January. "I don't think you can win the championship beating good teams shooting jumpers."

He wasn't the only person to make that assertion -- seriously, how's it goink? -- but he was the only famous analyst whose network carried the Warriors' 2015-16 season opener and championship celebration Tuesday night.

So the Warriors got him.

And even though Barkley & Co. weren't actually at the game but broadcasting from across the Bay, that wasn't far enough to keep him from punishment:

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If you're excited for the 2015-16 NBA season, which started Tuesday night when the Chicago Bulls faced (and beat) the Cleveland Cavaliers, you aren't alone. NBA players were a little jazzed as well and tweeted just like you and me.

Take Dwyane Wade, for instance:

All right, we don't all get to take photos with Taylor Swift holding up our team's jersey. But a lot of NBA players did share their happiness at the return of basketball.

Carmelo Anthony? You know he was pumped to watch some basketb -- oh come on, New York Knicks. You had to make Tuesday night movie night?

Game on.

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Are you the friend everyone looks to when a sports question pops up at bar trivia? Do categories like "The Preamble to the Constitution" or "Herbs and Spices" hurt your brain? Then "Jeopardy!" has just the category for you! On Monday, the long-standing quiz show jumped from a first round of "Curry Dishes" to a Double Jeopardy! feast of "Steph Curry Dishes":

We're serving up STEPH CURRY DISHES today on J!

Posted by Jeopardy! on Monday, October 26, 2015

Mr. Trebek really loved the cleverness of that. And hey, ESPN made the board:

Golden State WarriorsJeopardy!

(What is THIS, Alex!)

Anyway, if you're reading this, you'll probably find the rest of the questions to be extremely easy. But take a look anyway:

  • "When Steph is making an assist, aka 'dropping' this coin, he's dishing it to someone else for the score."

  • "If Steph dishes out 10 assists along with 10 points and 10 rebounds in a game, he achieves this coveted feat."

  • "One of Steph's best dishes at the 2015 All-Star Game was to this Mavericks big man, aka the Dunking Deutschman."

  • "Steph dished and dealt in the NCAA, leading this southern state's Davidson College to the Elite Eight."

  • Answers: Dime, triple-double, Dirk Nowitzki, North Carolina.

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