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It didn't take long for Gilbert Arenas to earn headlines in his return to the Wizards. Arenas begged out of playing in a preseason game because of injury, only to then announce to reporters that the supposed injury was a ploy to get teammate Nick Young more minutes.

As coaching moves go, it worked out pretty well. Young scored 24 points in his quest for regular-season minutes and the Wizards gave the fans in the Verizon Center a win against the Hawks. But the Wizards apparently weren't amused, fining Arenas an undisclosed amount. Arenas blamed the media for making a big deal of the story, but was this the latest installment of Arenas causing problems or a gesture of selflessness we should embrace?

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The news that Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton have been suspended for the remainder of the season isn't what we in the business call a big surprise. Commissioner David Stern isn't exactly known for his lenient take on his players displaying guns in the locker room (or anywhere, really); if there's any surprise here, it's that Arenas and Crittenton didn't get an even harsher penalty for their actions.

Very few members of SportsNation saw Arenas playing again this season. Three times as many thought he'd never play in the NBA again. It's a difficult situation for the man of a thousand self-determined nicknames. His stock had been on a steady decline even before the incident, as the Wizards have failed to make a deep playoff run during his tenure as their marquee player. At the beginning of January, NBA fans were almost evenly split on whether or not they'd want him on their team. Now that the length of Arenas' suspension is finally known, that tie could be broken either way.


suitable punishment. he'll be back, and a better person next season.

-- elcherry

A little harsh IMO. A month would have been more than sufficient. Kind of unfair to the rest of the team.

-- triple_double_32

Sad ending to a fun little era in DC in the grand scheme of things....Gil has done alot in the DC area for the kids in the community and its sad to see this is the ending of his time here...The punishment fits the crime and as the Wiz franchise goes....he will get his contract voided and some team in the league will get a 25+ per game scorer who's just getting his legs back at 25 cents on the dollar....typical Bullets/Wizards luck

-- diego1115

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We assume David Stern doesn't actually type up his own releases, and that's probably just as well for the keyboards at NBA headquarters. The guy knows how to convey a tone of voice, spoken or written, and "not currently fit to take the court" conveys nothing if not seething rage directed Gilbert Arenas' way.

SportsNation largely agreed with the nature of Wednesday's punishment, an indefinite suspension with the potential for even worse. And maybe it's not Tiger Woods, but it adds up to a big implosion for a guy who was still the face of a franchise about a week ago.

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From the Mike Leach that spilled over the ball dropping in Times Square to the developing story surrounding Gilbert Arenas in Washington, the new decade is sure off to a rousing start. It's enough to make you yearn for the good old days ... or even Tiger Woods news.

It's tough to know exactly what to make of the Arenas situation right now, with local authorities and the NBA both apparently still looking into exactly what happened with the star bringing unloaded guns to the Verizon Center and then reportedly bringing them out in a dispute (or as a joke, depending on who you listen to) with teammate Jarvis Crittenton.

All of that said, a hefty majority of SportsNation think this is a "very serious" issue. And columnist Jemele Hill has heard enough to call for Arenas to be suspended for the season. Where do you think this story is going?

Daniel (Boise, Idaho)

What are the chances that the Wizards will void Gil's contract and would the void hold up through appeal (or is the reason they can void it a loophole that wouldn't be upheld)?

Chris Sheridan
Chris Sheridan

One step at a time on his one. So let's all take a deep breath and see what the D.C. police investigation reveals, and then we can make educated guesses as to whether Arenas violated the so-called moral turpitude clause. If he brandished or pointed a loaded weapon at a teammate, I'd say the Wiz would have a good case if they voided. Short of that, I'd say they'd have a tough case to win. Not many contracts have been voided. Even Shawn Kemp never got voided for failing to be in good enough shape to play pro basketball, which is a voidable offense. Full transcript


Arenas will get a slap on the wrist from the pathetic legal system, he has to be more concerned with what Stern and the Wizards will do to him.

-- daphins23

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