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A full weekend of interleague play produced plenty of talking points beyond basketball, including but not limited to, Brian Bruney and K-Rod talking celebrations of the non-championship variety, Luis Castillo needing to use two hands and Milton Bradley ... continuing to make everyone who isn't a Cubs fan thankful that he exists.

Then there is the case of the team that plays in the most famous launching pad this side of the Bronx. After the first week of the regular season, SportsNation tabbed the Rockies No. 22 in MLB. On May 26, days before manager Clint Hurdle was fired, they had slipped to No. 29.

Now the Rockies have won 11 in a row and are in striking distance of the wild card, even if they're having a tough time catching the Giants, let alone the Dodgers, in the NL West.

Rank all 30 teams (or all 29 teams and the Nationals) in this week's Power Rankings.


nice to see the giants crack the top 10. they have been pitching lights out and have been one of the 3 most dominant home teams in the big leagues so far. NL west is starting to pick up steam with dodgers staying hot, the giants really playing well over their last 20 games, and the rockies my god they just cant lose right now

-- vikg43

As a lifelong Giants sufferer, I am so happy that we are actually contending for a playoff spot in June instead of wishing our old players would just retire like we have for the last four years. The Giants have a little payback for '02 to give LAA this week. Oh, who am I kidding, it won't be enough ... I am STILL not over it.

-- cmurray3927

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