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Is Andrew Luck better than Peyton Manning?

November 9, 2015

Max Kellerman says "it's obvious." Marcellus Wiley disagrees.

What say you?

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With the NBA preseason nearly done but still time to kill before the first official tipoff, NBA players are now turning their minds to the important questions.


Our money would be on the 37-year-old German, whose sport forces him to run more than the 39-year-old Denver Broncos quarterback.

And we just might get to find out! Or at least Chandler Parsons and Von Miller are trying to make it so:

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The NFL and its teams are known to be rather strict.

But if Von Miller's claims are true, the players themselves can be downright draconian. Nicki Jhabvala of The Denver Post describes a fine system devised by the players:

Wait, what? Look, it's not great to let it go in confined spaces, but isn't the shame of committing a social faux pas enough?

Miller elaborated:

Miller is right! Although a cursory search turns up no scientific studies on such a thing, physicians from the University of Copenhagen, via the New Zealand Medical Journal, said the following in 2013, according to the University of California, Berkeley's Wellness website:

"Holding in gas can cause bloating, indigestion, heartburn and, sometimes, even pain, they noted. Intestinal distension resulting from trapped gas may also increase blood pressure and heart rate. Then there's the mental stress of trying to keep the gas from escaping. The doctors' advice: Just let it go."

You see that, Broncos players? Your policies are endangering your own health! Add to this the possibility of wrongful accusations, and it's a wonder this team hasn't fallen apart.

H/T Bleacher Report

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The service industry is difficult. Waiters and waitresses rely on tips, especially in states where tipped employees are paid less than minimum wage, and the pressure to please customers is great.

But according to Denver Broncos defensive end DeMarcus Ware, who used to play for the Dallas Cowboys, there is one thing you simply do not do when serving members of certain NFL teams:

Now, this of course might be fake, as much on the Internet tends to be (it is still kind of April Fools' week, after all).

Then again, Ware was in D.C. this weekend to participate in the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, so ... maybe?

In which case, ouch. At the 20 percent rate, that cheer cost the waiter almost $18.50.

Update: It was a joke!

Conclusion: Good to know the waiter got his money, and that there's still love among fans and players of rival teams.

Still, pretty sneaky there, Ware ...

H/T SB Nation

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AP Photo/Jack Dempsey

Peyton Manning the greatest ever?

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