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We've been focusing an awful lot on the quarterback battle going on in the southern part of New York, but there's one in the western part that you should pay attention to as well. Kevin Kolb and EJ Manuel are competing for the Bills' starting job, and while Kolb has the edge in experience, Manuel played the entire first half in Sunday's preseason matchup against the Colts, going 16-of-21 with 107 yards and a touchdown. The Bills have struggled to find a steady quarterback over the past decade, so the choice between Kolb and Manuel could have huge ramifications for their futures, to say nothing of how many wins they can eke out in the suddenly vulnerable AFC East.

Kolb or Manuel?

Manuel showed an ability to keep up the momentum on a scoring drive, going 9-of-9 on a 95-yard tear at the end of the first half.


Who should start at quarterback for the Bills?


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EJ Manuel's praise of the Bills' offense would normally be blessedly uncontroversial. Rookie quarterback thinks new team's system is peachy keen? Not really news. Manuel's specific words, however, are interesting -- he called the offense easier to learn than the one he ran at Florida State. College offenses have been rivaling pro offenses for complexity as of late, and a simple offense isn't necessarily a bad thing, but given the Bills' offensive woes over the past few years, ''simple'' doesn't sound like a compelling solution.

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Manuel or Koln?

The Bills acquired Kevin Kolb in free agency last month to compete for the starting job with Manuel, even though they made Manuel the only quarterback taken in the first round this year.


Whom would you rather have at quarterback this season?


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Kevin Kolb never really jelled with the Arizona Cardinals -- he only started 14 games in two years with the team due to a combination of injury and ineffectiveness. The Buffalo Bills are counting on his struggles being mostly the Cardinals' fault, however, as they agreed to a two-year deal with Kolb worth a maximum of $13 million. There's no guarantee that Kolb is the answer for Buffalo, but is he their best option to start?

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On Friday, ESPN's "First Take" debated whether the Jets should sign Kevin Kolb. The team is reportedly interested in the former Arizona quarterback, who the Cardinals released Friday. Herm Edwards thinks it's time for a change in New York, while Stephen A. Smith thinks that Kolb could excel behind an offensive line that's not a complete disaster. Skip Bayless thinks that, despite the Jets apparently creating a logjam at quarterback, Kolb would be the best fit. What's your take?


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The Cardinals are counting on Kevin Kolb to be their franchise QB, but he turned in another mediocre performance in a loss against the Titans. Should Arizona count on backup John Skelton instead?


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